Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mise En Scene Perfect Repair Hair Serum

Hello ladies, Today I will talk about hair serum. I have 2 different type hair serum from Mise En Scene. It is a korean brand. I've tried their shampoo before and really love the result. It has a nice scent and also makes my hair smooth and soft. This time I try their famous hair serum.

The first one is Perfect Repair. I bought it around november/december last year and still have it until now hahaha this the prove that I'm very lazy when it comes to take care of my hair. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Haul: Althea Raya Box *Unboxing + First Impression*

Hai Ladies...I'm back with another Althea Post! yay~~ Everytime I mentioned about Althea, It's always a happy news hehehe. This time I will share about my Raya Box! I've already posted about this event last month and now I will share about my haul during that event.

They have special thematic box called Raya Box which is Green color *suits with the Raya Theme*. I received my box a little bit late due to the long holiday in Indonesia. But, I'm still excited as always whenever I open the box from Althea.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Peripera x Powerpuff Girls Ink Lasting Pink Cushion

Hello, I'm back with new BB Cushion review. I have new BB Cushion from Peripera. It is under the series of powerpuff girls *my childhood hero* so every packagings are decorated with the girls. My BB Cushion called Ink Lasting Pink Cushion

Monday, July 3, 2017

Review: Biore Pore Pack

Hai hai.. ada punya masalah komedo? Jujur aku termasuk yang bermasalah dengan yang namanya komedo terutama di T-zone. Aku punya tipe kulit berminyak yang gampang banget jerawatan dan komedoan. Biasanya untuk mengatasi komedo, aku melakukan facial di klinik kecantikan. Tetapi kalau facial kadang suka kebentur sama waktu *sok sibuk* dan ngebayangin rasa sakit kalau lagi di ekstraksi komedo langsung bikin males hahaha..

Untuk mengatasi masalah komedoku secara gampang, aku bergantung sama produk ini: Biore Pore Pack. Pore pack selain gampang digunakan juga lebih praktis karena kita bisa pakai sendiri di rumah *tidak perlu bantuan profesional* dan harganya relatif terjangkau.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Bed Time Routine!

I've been thinking about a topic for a while, when I discovered this new topic. I read about this topic mostly from foreign blogger. So the topic is on the title, it's about my bed time routine. To make it simple, what I do before I go to bed. Well, actually I don't really have anything special. But I guess doing same things everyday can be called a routine, right? hehehe..

I decided to divide my bed routine into 2 parts, weekdays and weekend. As I usually don't wear make up during weekday, I think my routine will be a little different on weekend.
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