Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

Finally I can watch this movie… BF is very busy lately so I can’t watch this movie when it’s premier. But it’s OK <3 <3. About the Twilight saga, I’ve already a fan of Twilight saga since the first time I read the book. Edward is my number one love, alice next :). I remember when the first time my sister back home with the Twilight book. I read that book only for 5 hours non-stop and I fell in love with this vampire. When Twilight’s Movie first show in Indonesia, I watched the movie with my friends. Later when I went home from the cinema, I bought myself the dvd to rewatch at home :p (not the original DVD,FYI).
Then New Moon, Eclipse, and Now here I come BREAKING DAWN. I heard from some friends that already watch this film, that the beginning was a “little” adults activity *you know what I mean la* :p
After I watch Breaking Dawn movie, I list some best and worst moment from the movie. Check these out:
Best Fashion:
- Bella’s Wedding Shoes <3 <3 and Wedding Dress
- Black Lingerie from Alice.. LOL
Best Teary Moment:
- When Bella’s Mom and Dad visited her at the room before her wedding. *sob..sob..T..T*
- When Jacob come to Bella’s Wedding and ask her to dance for the last time. This scene is just Aww.. I feel sorry for jacob because is not he, who stand beside her L.
Best Moment:
- The wedding kiss!!
- When Edward and Bella entered their honeymoon room. I loveeee the room *very much*
- When Jacob imprint Reneesme. Renesme is soooo pretty.. Can’t wait for the second movie.
Worst moment:
- When Bella is pregnant
- When Bella is delivered her baby
I really hate Bella’s Figure here. She looks like a walking mummy. Eew..
By the way, it’s just me or Edward is become less handsome and Jacob become more handsome? Hehehe.
Happy Wednesday all :)
PS: Today is my first anniversary with BF, I expected a romantic dinner tonight. Hope everything will last forever :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday Shopping

Last sunday I went to the Tunjungan Plaza Mall with my mom. My dad asked us before about what are you doing? and my mom simply answer, we just walking and windows shopping. But we ended with many plastic bag when we go home :p
My dad reaction is like..."ah...women" wkwkwkwk.. Here are SOME Stuff we (or you can simply said ME) bought:

Bought this at SOGO with bargain price : ) 50% off.
Lace-flower-tulle. Love the combination

Black Chiffon. Chiffon is really hit this year (my-must-have-item this year too), many store offline/online sell chiffon clothes. This also came with many colours (pink, blue,yellow) but I guess the perfect one still black :)

Black cropped blazer-Tuxedo style. This is 50% off too.. OMG I'm so happy with my shopping this time. This too also my-must-have-item this year. Can't count how many blazer/cardigan that i've bought this year :)

White frame. Preparation for BF Gradution Photo next week :). Bought at Daiso for only IDR 22K.

Coffee cup for BF. He likes brown, he likes coffee. So, i think this cup will perfect as a gift for him. Bought at Daiso too.

Ella Noir Body Douche. Or simply call it Shower Gel :). Got this at Hero supermarket with bargain price. There are 3 varian of Ella Noir and I pick the Viollette one. It come with 2 different soap for morning bath and for night bath. The smell is great :) Love it.

The Ella Noir Display at Hero Supermarket. Spot the price for only IDR 16,5/ package. 3 varians colours pink, orange, and purple.

Bonus: My daily outfit..he5. It's fake 2 pieces top (white chiffon+ black cardigan) with tank top inside. Got this Top at PTC with bargain price for only IDR 60, and the shorts only for IDR 39. :)

Happy Monday :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

About Me

Hi, today i want to share story about myself. I'm 22 years old girl. i'm going to 23 soon *couple weeks later :p*. My hobby is reading books, listening to music, shopping and browsing internet. My friends always asked me about " what are you doing in front of the computers for hours?". LOL. Oh yes, I can spend a whole days in front of my computer just to browsing the internet :).
I love everything in cyber world. I think the best technology that human can make is the Internet *Thanks God I'm born in this century*
About the Internet, I really love online shopping. This Habbit came to me since 4 years ago. 4 years ago, I've started my online business by opening an online store at Multiply I've made and sell handmade dolls from felt. i sew felt myself and make beautiful and cute doll. You can see my products here :)
Since then until now, I'm not only act as a seller but also as a buyer :). I bought many things from online store. Clothes, accesories,bags, cute things, I can't resist the temptation of them :). I really love online shopping, or like my BF said I'm addicted LOL.
Maybe some people think online shopping is expensive, but i told you...that's not true. I bought many things with very reasonable price. I'm the type of person that love to buy things with cheap price but still beautifull.
In the future, i will update my blog with my private collection which i bought online/offline. I think Fashion And Beauty it's not always about the money. It's about the vision. Our vision in beauty. Expensive things not always look good, so do cheap things not always look bad.
Happy Sunday All :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

First Entry :)

Hello World..
Akhirnya buat blog lagi untuk yang kesekian kalinya. Sering banget buat blog dimana-mana cuma ga bertahan lama..hehehe Semoga kali ini niat menulis ga akan hilang dengan cepat :)

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