Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1

Finally I can watch this movie… BF is very busy lately so I can’t watch this movie when it’s premier. But it’s OK <3 <3. About the Twilight saga, I’ve already a fan of Twilight saga since the first time I read the book. Edward is my number one love, alice next :). I remember when the first time my sister back home with the Twilight book. I read that book only for 5 hours non-stop and I fell in love with this vampire. When Twilight’s Movie first show in Indonesia, I watched the movie with my friends. Later when I went home from the cinema, I bought myself the dvd to rewatch at home :p (not the original DVD,FYI).
Then New Moon, Eclipse, and Now here I come BREAKING DAWN. I heard from some friends that already watch this film, that the beginning was a “little” adults activity *you know what I mean la* :p
After I watch Breaking Dawn movie, I list some best and worst moment from the movie. Check these out:
Best Fashion:
- Bella’s Wedding Shoes <3 <3 and Wedding Dress
- Black Lingerie from Alice.. LOL
Best Teary Moment:
- When Bella’s Mom and Dad visited her at the room before her wedding. *sob..sob..T..T*
- When Jacob come to Bella’s Wedding and ask her to dance for the last time. This scene is just Aww.. I feel sorry for jacob because is not he, who stand beside her L.
Best Moment:
- The wedding kiss!!
- When Edward and Bella entered their honeymoon room. I loveeee the room *very much*
- When Jacob imprint Reneesme. Renesme is soooo pretty.. Can’t wait for the second movie.
Worst moment:
- When Bella is pregnant
- When Bella is delivered her baby
I really hate Bella’s Figure here. She looks like a walking mummy. Eew..
By the way, it’s just me or Edward is become less handsome and Jacob become more handsome? Hehehe.
Happy Wednesday all :)
PS: Today is my first anniversary with BF, I expected a romantic dinner tonight. Hope everything will last forever :)

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