Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday Shopping

Last sunday I went to the Tunjungan Plaza Mall with my mom. My dad asked us before about what are you doing? and my mom simply answer, we just walking and windows shopping. But we ended with many plastic bag when we go home :p
My dad reaction is like..."ah...women" wkwkwkwk.. Here are SOME Stuff we (or you can simply said ME) bought:

Bought this at SOGO with bargain price : ) 50% off.
Lace-flower-tulle. Love the combination

Black Chiffon. Chiffon is really hit this year (my-must-have-item this year too), many store offline/online sell chiffon clothes. This also came with many colours (pink, blue,yellow) but I guess the perfect one still black :)

Black cropped blazer-Tuxedo style. This is 50% off too.. OMG I'm so happy with my shopping this time. This too also my-must-have-item this year. Can't count how many blazer/cardigan that i've bought this year :)

White frame. Preparation for BF Gradution Photo next week :). Bought at Daiso for only IDR 22K.

Coffee cup for BF. He likes brown, he likes coffee. So, i think this cup will perfect as a gift for him. Bought at Daiso too.

Ella Noir Body Douche. Or simply call it Shower Gel :). Got this at Hero supermarket with bargain price. There are 3 varian of Ella Noir and I pick the Viollette one. It come with 2 different soap for morning bath and for night bath. The smell is great :) Love it.

The Ella Noir Display at Hero Supermarket. Spot the price for only IDR 16,5/ package. 3 varians colours pink, orange, and purple.

Bonus: My daily outfit..he5. It's fake 2 pieces top (white chiffon+ black cardigan) with tank top inside. Got this Top at PTC with bargain price for only IDR 60, and the shorts only for IDR 39. :)

Happy Monday :)

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