Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Dinner

My office have an annually event to celebrate Christmas. The employee and the boss sit down together and have a dinner. This year the Christmas dinner take place at The Rock Restaurant. It’s an Australian restaurant that located at Grand City Mall, Surabaya. Besides dinner, we also have a "GIFT SWAP" time :). every people must bring a gift and wrap it with old newspaper. then we choose a random number to decided our gift :). There is a limit budget for every gift (Min IDR 30). Here are the pictures from My Christmas dinner :)

1. My Gift for Gift swap. It's Hello Kitty Bottle ( I want that for myself >_<)

2. Hair Pin and Hair band for my officemate's daughter. It's a surprise gift for Kezia and Angel

3. Finished gift wrapped with old newspaper and pink wrapper for the girls

4. Christmas Dinner ^^

5. My main menu and dessert :)

6. Mrs.Levina and Her Daughter, Kezia

7. Gift Swap Time :)

8. Karaoke Time :)

9. My Gift :) SWAP with Mr.Oni

10. I got this from little Kezia :) She's so sweet.. she gave me this in return to my gift for her :)

It's Christmas Eve now!! Only 1 day Left before Christmas. :)

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