Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Freebies From Viva

Couple weeks ago, I’ve read some information at HERE, about freebies from Viva cosmetic. All I have to do is sign up at their website and then wait patiently at home :). So I did it. Then yesterday I received my package. Yay. Here are the package I receive. It’s wrapped with Viva’s yellow paper.

What I got are:
- Eye and Lips Make up remover
- Lipstick
- Duo eyeshadow
- Compac powder
- Body lotion
- Moisturizer (under base make up)

The total are 6 items in 1 package. I heard that it’s random because my other friends got difference products. Viva cosmetic is Indonesian brand. It’s produce at Surabaya (my hometown). I used Viva’s cleansing product everyday, but never try their other products. Maybe I’ll write a review about these products later.
If you live in Indonesia and want to try Viva’s products, you can simply go to thei website at www.vivacosmetic.com and sign up for free sample :)


  1. Hi Shasha,

    Tengkiu ya sudah mampir <3
    And thanks for this post, I'd definitely sign up for those samples! Well, I don't use Viva cosmetics, I dunno where they sell the makeup, actually. But I swear by Viva Skin Food, it's the best moisturizer there is. I use it as eye cream and lipbalm and for my elbows and knees, because it's incredibly rich. Ow, and I like the price! Murah meriah dan efektif!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  2. Hi there..
    Thanks for visiting me :). I never use Viva's skin food, but i read some good review about it, maybe i'll try to buy itu later. what i use daily are just viva's cleansing milk and face tonic. it really suits asian skin well.


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