Thursday, December 1, 2011

My First Anniversary

Yesterday was my first anniversary with my BF. We’re having a candle light dinner at Palimanan Restaurant. This restaurant really bring back memories. Last year at the same placa, same table, and same person my boy asked me to be his girl. Time is ticking really faaasttt… I still remember me sitting at the table, waiting my dinner to be served and waiting him asked me about our relationship. We’re really akward that moment. Me sitting there silently and politely hehehe. Now we’re back again this year. Smile widely, not nervous, enjoy our food, and remind about the past year. Hehehe.

1. The dress :). he told me that i look like a lollipop in this dress.. LOL. actually this is the most colourfull dress i've ever have. if you check my closet all you can see is black, white and grey. :p

2. The cupcakes :). I design these myself. purchase this cute cupcake from my friend.

3. Me and the cupcakes. Finally you can see me :)

4. Me and Him with the cupcakes :)

5. view from our table.

5. My dessert :)

Happy Anniversary dear.. I really hope I can spend the rest of my life with you :)

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