Thursday, December 15, 2011

My life from Dec 3rd - dec 14th

Remember in the early december, i told you about how many events i have this month? Here are some photo from that events :) Mostly are Cakes..:)

My Mother's Bday cake. Purchase from The Harvest at Jl.Bengawan Surabaya. It's chocolate tiramisu.. My favourite :)

My father's Bday cupcake. Purchase at Meetha's Online store. It's double chocolate cupcake with fondant decoration.

My Parents Wedding's Cake :). Purchased by my sister from his senior collage. I'm really pset abaout this cake, because at first we want to make a surprise for our parents by sending this cake, but the seller wrote the wrong address. so the cake not delivered to my home. after a long journey, finnally this cake arrived at my home. Luckily, my parents love this cake.

My Mini BF *LOL* I made this doll in order to celebrate his Graduation. I made the look-a-like doll with toga and the certificate. loveee this doll ;)

The Vinnette Restaurant. I'm having my bithday dinner here with my BF. He reserved the table and give me a surprise by sending the waiter to sing a happy birthday song and give me the cakeee....

Me really love this cakeee.. It's Chocolate and vanilla ice cream, what a great cpmbination!! and the decoration is perfect.. Thank you BF *Hug*

Bonus: My christmas tree... :)


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