Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Hello There, How is your new year eve? This year (or maybe I should called it Last year, since today is already 2012? :p) I celebrate my new year together with BF. Last year (2 years ago) I can't celebrate with him because he went to Bali with his friends, and I celebrate at Surabaya with my besties. This Year my besties are very busy *working as an auditor making them ignore the new year :(* So I only celebrate my new year with BF.
We are join the Old and New Dinner and Party at Mercure Grand Mirama Hotel. This is the first time I celebrate New year eve at Hotel. Here we go (Lots of Photo :))

Before Make-up and Hair-do :p

After Make-up and Hair-do :)

Camwhoring at Toilet!! *wtf* The best place with the best lighting :p

The Ballroom's Decoration. We are busy taking photos everywhere :p

BF won a doorprize :)

The performances: Live Band, Dancers, MCs, Limbo Game, Magician

Champagne for celebrate the new year :)

Before the countdown


And the rest are..History

Happy New Year!!

BF tries to look cute ^^

After The Party

The fireworks at Pasar Kembang Street.

At home after the party and trafic jam. 3 o'clock in the morning

How is your New Year Eve and with whom you celebrate this new year? I hope your new year are fun too :)

PS: I received a good news today, as I won a giveaway From Phanie :) What a good news to start this year right? XD


  1. Congratulations. Yep thats a good start kk
    Maybe this is a lucky year for you ^^
    Hmm nothing special for my new years eve, me and my siblings cooked food as my mom had to go to work, 10 min before new year I was recording a video when my friend called on skype :p my mom came home really late like around 12:30 am so we were starving when she came hehe

    happy new year!!!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous New Year's celebration! You look beautiful! :)

  3. @Jessica..hahaha happy new year :)

    @Kassi.. Thank you dear :) Happy new year ^^

  4. your new years looked amazing! xxx

  5. Thank you :) Happy new year ^^

  6. you seem to have so much fun!
    happy new year shasha! :D


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