Sunday, January 29, 2012

January Haul!

These are my collective haul in January :)

Bought 2pcs of bags, because they are very cheap. Only IDR80/pc
The color is soft grey and beige. can't really capture the real color because my camera is not good enough :(. I'm planning to buy a new camera, any idea what should i buy?

Noche Shoes. Got discount price for only IDR15O
This is the highest hell i've ever have. I usually wear 5-7cm for high heels

Bought 2 black dresses. 1 for my mom and 1 for me :)

Collective haul from The Body Shop, Maybelline, and The Skin Food.
I will review these items as soon as possible :)

Daiso Haul!
Bought false eyelashes, Glue for lashes, make up sponge, and cute pink can :)

Lastly, bought My HG Hair Mask!
Stuctura Everline Machera (Review coming soon ~~)

Happy Sunday Guys :)


  1. omg the purse looks so awesome!! shoes and the purse real good matching :)

    1. Thank you hehe :)
      I love to match my bag and shoes color ^^

  2. Very cute purse also the shoes! I like the 1st dress as well. Bet you'll have a great time with them :)

  3. everything is this post is lovely!
    now following you!

    check out my blog ^.^

  4. Wow, they looks great!! :D
    Btw I gave you an award, here :
    Let's check it out . Thanks :)

  5. wow! tas nya murce sekale xD
    beli dimana say?
    demen pake high heels yah? keren! >_<
    dan tunggu review structura nya yah :D btw kamu main di femaledaily juga kah?

    1. iya lagi sale murah banget jadi sampai beli 2..hehehe
      di supermall surabaya say...
      Di FD cuman punya ID aja, ga pernah update apa2..hehehe.. Ok reviewnya menyusul :)
      Thanks ya dah mampir..

    2. ooh.. hehe kukira kamu aktif di fd juga ^_^ soalnya aku tau mask structura di fd.. :D

  6. Great Haul hun....Some really cute stuff u got
    Loads of Love

    The Sweet Life

  7. hey, aku masih baru disini. and I love ur blog!! can u follow me please? :)
    btw.. tas nya bagus and murah banget beli di mana? aku juga naksir sama sepatunya keren!! hehehehe!

    1. makasi ya udah mampir say :)
      Beli nya di supermall surabaya..^^

  8. Great haul!
    I love your black dresses and shoes :D
    (so elegant!)


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