Thursday, January 5, 2012

Just Want to share ^^

Some good news:
My big sister will be coming home at January 15th.. Yay~~ She’s been away for 3 years (well, she coming back once a year, but last year she didn’t make it). She is working at Bahrain (Before that At Qatar) and for 2012 she decided to move again to Abu Dhabi :) Travelled around the middle east ^^. I wonder when she decided to move to Dubai? :p. And the great news is….. she will bring me Bahrain’s SnowGlobe!! (I collect SnowGlobes from all over the world ^^) Here is the preview of (almost) my new Globes :). Thank you so much Sissy ^^
I won Luview Mega Giveaway (Indonesian Host: Rindodo from Sparkle Apple) SUPER YAY!! I never tried this brand, but according to the many reviews I’ve read It’s sounds very good!!. If you want to know more about this Brand go check their website at . Can’t wait to try the products ^^.

I have good news for you also :)
For those who live at US, I found these giveaway link for you ^^ Good Luck for those who entered :)

And I'm not done yet....
I also joining a Style and Soul's Giveaway. She is offering HUGE prizes to welcome 2012. Here are some pictures of the prizes:
If you interested in join, you can visit her blog HERE

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