Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Maybelline Lip Smooth Color and Care

This Lip Smooth come with 6 varians, but only 3 varians that available in store when I purchased mine. Strawberry, cranberry, and Cherry.

The one that I review is the strawberry one. I buy this lip smooth as a package with the compact powder (price is cheaper). Long ago, I already used this lip smooth but with old packaging. The new packaging is cuter than the old one (sorry I don’t have the old photo). It’s pink colour with rounds decoration.

From the Package: Revitalizes dull and dry lips, gives moisturizing shine , softens and smooths lips. It has jojoba oil, safflower seed oil and Vitamin E. It also has SPF 16

What I love about this lip smooth:

-It give me a natural pink shade.
-Has SPF.
-Moisturize my lips well.
-The smell is not strong. I like the strawberry flavour :)
-Cheap price. Around IDR 30.000
What I hate about this lip smooth:



  1. This is a cute product from Maybelline, thanks for doing a review. We don't get it here in SA, but when we do, I will sure to try it

  2. Hi shasha, Natasha laurensie di fb kan? uda saya pm kok dr kmrn ^^ di cek aja pmnya ok. thanks :D atau lgs email aja ke saya ^^

  3. Thanks for reviewing this product. The packaging is cute and I love a lip balm that gives subtle color!


  4. @Kassi... I love it too..:) Thanks for stopping by ^^

    @rindodo... sudah aku email ya..thank u banget ^^

  5. so soft and cute looking!! ^___^

  6. Thank you so much buat info online store nya dear Sasha! ^___^



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