Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Haul and Giveaway Prize XD

Hello Ladies~~ Finally this time come again~~
Haul Post!! :)
Here are what I bought this month

cosmetics and skin care from various brand like:
ELF, NYX, Etude House, The Skin Food, Missha, Maybelline, Biore, and Garnier

Mask Sheets from various brand: My Beauty Diary Mask, Baviphat, and Lioele

Flat Shoes From the little things she needs.

Brandless clothes :) Mostly bought at Pasar Atom Surabaya
I just Realize that almost my new clothes are polkadot >_<

And a surprise package!!

Back in December 2011, I've joined Luview mega giveaway that celebrated by Sparkle Apple After almost 2 months wait, I received my prizes yesterday :) Here are what I got.

Alright this is the end of my haul :)
Review about the beauty products will coming soon :)
Happy Sunday Ladies~~


  1. Awh, congrats on winning the giveaway, Sha~! I'll be waiting for the reviews... ^_^

  2. kak mau nanya deh, itu kakak menang giveaway internasional kan ya? itu pas kakak dapet hadiahnya mesti bayar bayar gitu gak?
    soalnya aku juga waktu itu menang giveaway dari amerika dan sekarang lagi proses pengiriman, aku pengen tau gitu itu mesti bayar apa enggak. infonya ya kak :)

    1. biasanya ga bayar sih =)) cuma ada jg yg minta kita nanggung shipping fee nya..hehehe
      *tiba2 nongol XD

  3. Great haul, I love the polka dot tops!

  4. duduk manis menanti review selanjutnya hahahaa

  5. blender sponge nya etude ya itu say??
    ditunggu reviewnya ya ^o^ *penasaran*

    1. Iyaaa… itu beauty blendernya Etude House :)
      Wait for reviewnya yaa…


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