Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Love Books!

Recently my sister and me doing a little haul. Not bags, clothes, shoes, or cosmetics, but books! hehehe.. Yes, me and my sister are really addicted with book. Since we are kids, we loved to read magazines like Bobo, and comics! My sister is more bookaholic than me, she can spend all her money on books rather than clothes/bags/cosmetics he5. Here are what we bought ^^


And the free Bookmarks

My favourite cover!

Elle Magz Feb Edition. I love the Puppies!!

I'm Feeling Blue :p
I got this top from my sister. I love the flower detail :)

Note: I just read on twitter that Whitney Houston is dead :( May her rest in Peace. I always love her songs..


  1. those books look like fun to read!omg i read bobo also when i was kid and i read alot of doraemon comics! LOL so what was your fave comics?

    yeah i just heard whitney houston passed away :( she is a great singer!

  2. Love the flower details
    It looks so fancy

    I also love reading :D
    Those books look really awesome (and there's cute bookmarks!)

  3. birunya bagus ya warnanya... huu~

  4. her death is shocking news.. i like ur top , esp the flower detailing.

    I have a giveaway on my blog too.
    I have a "delicious giveaway" - win a abataba jewellery on my blog.


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