Sunday, February 12, 2012

Review: Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner

If you live in Indonesia, you must know that recently dove launch their new range of shampoo and conditioner that suits for dry hair, It is called Dove Nourishing Oil Care. The advertisement is all over the TV right now. I don’t want to miss the chance to try these products too ^^
These are the shampoo and conditioner. The packaging is white and gold color.

My hair is very thick and dry, at first I’m not really sure with this shampoo. I thought this will like the other shampoo. But I thought wrong! I love this shampoo, It is really makes my hair feel smooth and less frizzy (like the slogan on the products). I only use the shampoo for the first time, and the result is good. My hair become weightless and easy to set up. For the second time, i used both shampoo and conditioner and the result is WOW!! I just love how it makes my hair very smooth! I would love to reccomend this shampoo to others with same problem with me :)
Have you tried the new range from Dove? Does it works for your hair problem?
Share it with me ^^


  1. Aku juga udah pake... :) emang enak bangettt.. >_< pasti repurchase deh! Hehehehe

  2. aku pakai shampoo nya yg utk damage treatment.. tp jd ketombean.. T.T apa mungkin aku ga cocok ya.. huhu


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