Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review: Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong #3

Happy Saturday~~
I'm really happy because finally it is weekend yay~~ But in the other side i feel sad too :( because my sister already left to Qatar. hikz2.. bye bye sis.. Take care of yourself and I hope you have a nice journey in Qatar :)
Ok, move into the review~ Today I will talk about Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream All Day Strong.
This BB cream has 4 shades.
1. Sheer Silky Skin
2. Sheer Glowing Skin
3. Sheer Flawless Skin
4. Sheer Shiny Skin
Long time ago, I already try the shade 1 and 2, but at that time I’m not into a blogging world so I don’t write a review about it :(. Maybe later when I repurchased it I will write a review, for now please enjoy my review for shade 3 (For all type of skin). The shade 3 is use if you want a really flawless skin with heavy coverage.
I use the sample version for this review.

This is the swatch on my hand. The color is more dark than my skin color. >_<

Here is my before-after photo.

My opinion:
At first I really afraid that it will make my skin really dark, because of that I only use a little on my face. After blend the cream, I don’t notice the different. So I put a little more of it. Blend again. The result after the second apply is my face become darker but only temporary. The color of this BB cream change after some time. After blend the color is quite dark but after wait for 3-5 minutes, it is become more like natural color (not really dark, yet not really light). The coverage is really good and give me a matte finish. It is cover my pores well and the oil control is good too. My face become oily after 4-5 hours after use this bb cream. I found this BB cream match my skin tone well, eventhough at first I think it is too dark for me.
Doing a little test on oil control film :)
After 2-3 hours
Final Result

Also, I spot the name all day strong is suit with this BB cream. I used this for 7 hours (not retouch and only use 1 oil control film) but after I go home my face is (almost) still same like 7 hours before yay~~The coverage is still okay (I think it is acceptable considering my oily skin type and that I'm sweating during the 7 hours)
After 7 hours :)

I Love it because:
Give me a natural color. Not too dark but also not too light.
Oil control is good.
The coverage is quite heavy ~~ It hides my pores well.
The smells is good
It has SPF 30/ PA++
The staying power is awesome!
I hate it because:
If I put too much it will makes my skin color too dark.
I got a little breakout after use this BB cream >_<.
Repurchased: Maybe


  1. aku juga coba ini BB cream, staying powernya lumayan sekalipun udah aku pake wudhu. Tapi T zoneku jd lebih oily dibanding pake BB cream caring colour

  2. Hello. Maybe you can help me :DD Im thinking to buy my first BB cream and because Im a student Im trying to find that perfect one rfom the first time :DD Im thinking about this BB cream, but Im not sure about the color. I thought it will be very dark. In what Revlon Colorstay, BareMinerals shade you are? Is this one is matte or dewy? Because I heard that #1 is completely matte. I am also thinking about Holika Holika Clearing BB cream and Missha Perfect Cover.

    Maybe You can help me :DD
    Thanks, Sara :)

    1. Hi anon, I'm sorry I don't use Revlon colorstay so I can give you an exact shade..For missha perfect cover is usually use shade #23. This one is semi dewy.. If you want to try Precious mineral BB cream, I heard it has been upgrade with more shades, so it is easily for you to choose.

  3. Hi Shaaha,
    Kamu coba yang nomor berapa bb cream etudenya? aku juga pakai etude bb cream precious mineral tapi warnanya sedikit gelap di wajah.

    Aku ada review ttg etude bb cream jg.
    Jika sempat mampir ya ke blog aku di :

    1. Hi, untuk review ini aku pakai yg no 3..itu ada keterangan di judulnya ^^ kamu coba yang nomer berapa? kalau nomer 3 memang sedikit agak gelap, tapi lama kelamaan akan berubah ngikutin warna kulit kok ^^

  4. hi!:) do you have oily skin? Cause I do have super oily skin.


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