Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Garnier Lightning Peel Off Mask

Hello Friends :) Finally my internet connection is back yay~~
How is your monday? Is it good enough?
Some people really hate monday, I notice that every sunday night my twitter's timeline is full with complain about why monday must come??? Hehehe.. I'm not hate monday, I just wish everyday is Sunday..he5
Anyway, this afternoon I will talk about a magic!! If you want to have an instant white face, you should try this. To have it, all you need to do is use the Garnier Lightning Peel off mask

How to use:

This is how the mask looks like: The texture is gel.

And this is after 45minutes use and peel it.

My Before-After Photos. I'm Not PS it..Only crop and put some text
You can see that my face is more brighten after I use the mask.
My Opinion:
I really love this mask. It is really makes my skin more brighter and smooth after I use it. The result is shown after the first use. The smell is really good, I can smell the lemon fragrance when I use it. This is my before-after photo. You can see that my face is become more white~~ compare my eyes area and my cheek-forehead-chin’s area.

I love this because:
Make my face smooth and brighter

I hate this because:
Hard to apply and sticky. I’m not a fan of wash off pack/peel off pack that need to apply by hand.

Reccomended: For those who want an instant brighter face.

Repurchased: Yes..


  1. aku mau nanya deh, aku tu suka takut pake produk dari garnier. soalnya kulit wajah aku kan kering, kalo pake produk dari dia tu bikin tambah kering ya?

    1. Hai sis..Kalau aku habis pakai maskernya garnier ini sih biasa aja, nggak kering2 banget mukanya. Mungkin juga karena tipe kulitku berminyak ya.. mungkin kalau tipe kulit kering agak kurang cocok ya..

  2. aku jg suka pake ini ^^ abis pake langsung terasa halus dan lembut XD *jd suka pegang2 muka trs*

    1. samaa....berasa halusss gitu mukanya kalau habis pakai ini :)

  3. Aku juga pake.... Tapi kadang suka berasa celekat celekit... tapi pas peel off keliatan bgt kulit jadi lebih fresh...
    Trus, satu sachet ada 2 pacs... murahh... :D

    1. iyaa..harga murah dan kualitasnya lumayan bagus! hehehe

  4. Setelah pake harus cuci muka pake aer atau toner ga.?
    Pengen coba nih tp msh tkt
    Apa bnr pori2 bisa kecil?
    Anak umr 16 thn blh pake gak si?


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