Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner

Hi again! This is my second post today :)
Now I will write a review Maybelline Impact Express Smooth Felt Liner.

I bought this last month because my liquid eyeliner is already dry so i must change it. At first i want to buy the liquid eyeliner ( my eyeliner as usual ) but the SPG promote this pencil. She said this is a new product and very easy to use. And then I ended with this pencil. This eyeliner come with 2 shades soft black and black. I pick the black one.

The Swatch On My Hand

Pour a little water on it..

And then rub it slowly..

on my eyes..

I love this pencil because:
Easy to use because of the pencil shape.
Cheap price IDR63.000
Easy to get because available in my city.

I hate this because:
Not waterproof. The SPG said this pencil is waterproof, and that's the main reason why I bought this pencil. But see what happen when i try to pour a little water. I'm really dissapointed. I try to rub this and see what happen. The black color is slowly fade away

Next time maybe i will try the gel type ( i heard that's waterproof too, well let's see later :) )

Repurchased: No


  1. huaaa.. you love maybelline eyeliner so much eh? XD
    iya nih pernah nemu kejadian serupa :( NYX felt tip liner.. lumayan waterproof tp ga smudgeproof..>,<

    1. soalnya pertama nyoba yang liquid hasilnya bagus banget jadi keterusan coba2 yang lain dr maybelline :)

  2. Too bad it's not waterproof.. I'd tried the gel liner, and it is waterproof but not smudgeproof >.<

    1. Oh really?? I guess the best one is the liquid..hehehe

  3. Is this the new product from Maybelline? ^^

    1. Hi comi.. according to the SPG, it is new in Indonesia..


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