Monday, February 13, 2012

Review: Maybelline Line Allure Liquid Eyeliner i want to talk about maybelline eyeliner. As you (maybe) already know, I'm a huge fans of maybelline. Almost all my makeup are from maybelline. I already talked about their mascara, bb cream, and lip smooth. Now i will talk about their eyeliner. Maybelline has 3 type of eyeliner ( as sold in indonesia ) which are liquid, gel, and pencil/marker. In this post i will review the liquid.

The Swatch on my hand

I pour a little water and rub it.. It is still there :)

I try to rub it (Very hard) and it is still there :)

On my eyes ^^

This one is my very first eyeliner. I learn how to use eyeliner using this eyeliner. This eyeliner only come with one shade, black.

I love this eyeliner because:
- Waterproof and Smudgeproof (super quality!!) I try to hard rub and it's still the same shape. I try to clean with water and rub it and it's still the same. I use this eyeliner for about 12 hours and yes it's still the same shape. Not smudge at all
- Cheap price IDR50.000
- Easy to get because available in my city.
- Can be easily remove with maybelline eyes and lips remover. (I will review it later ^^)

I hate this eyeliner because:
- Nothing.

Repurchased: Yes!

For me the most important about eyeliner is waterproof. Because i don't have double eyelids, everytime i blink my eyes i'm really afraid that my eyeliner will be smudged and make my eyelids become black. So i pick this liquid eyeliner as my favourite eyeliner.

What is you favourite eyeliner?


  1. thank you atas reviewnya,I'm A huge fan of maybelline too! aku memang pengen beli eyeliner ini, tapi masih ragu.. tapi pas baca review ini jadi yakin deh mau beli. hehehe!!
    thanks... (^_^)

    1. Wah sama sis ^^ *high five*
      Bagus banget eyelinernya yang ini.. kalau mau beli ga bakalan nyesel deh :)

  2. wow.. waterproof banget ya ^^
    jd kepengen nyoba :D thx udh rekomendasiin hehe

  3. Bisa buat lid oily ngga ya?? Jadi pengen cobain xD

    1. bisa banget sis..aku juga tipe yang oily ^^

  4. so cheap!!! wish I'd known sooner so I could buy it in Indo :(

    1. oh too bad for you :(
      You should try to find this on your local drugstore, maybe they have it :)

  5. Nice review!

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  6. this eyeliner seems to be right up my alley !! need to buy this.
    hopefully they're sold here.

    1. I hope you can get this in your country ^^
      This is really good :)

  7. thnkyou for comment&following my blog. already followback ur blog<3 such a great eyeliner<3

  8. Hai Shasha! first giveaway winnernya belum diumumin ya? :)

  9. thank you reviewnya, jadi penasaran pengen coba :D


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