Saturday, February 11, 2012

Review: The Skin Food Tomato Sun Cream

Hello friends, how are you today?
Today is saturday yay~~ Valentine's Day is coming soon~~
Do you have a plan for Valentine's day?
Anyway, today I will talk about The skin food Tomato Suncream. As you know I'm really in love with The Skin Food Tomato whitening serum (you can see the review here), that's why i try this sun cream. The tomato series from the skin food is useful for whitening.
This is from The Skin Food Website:

A sunscreen cream containing tomato extract rich in lycopene and various organic acids to protect skin from UV rays. It simultaneously blocks both UVA and UVB rays that cause premature aging of skin.

15-20 minutes before going outside, apply to exposed areas such as face, neck, arms and legs, avoiding eye areas. If outside for extended period of time, reapply as needed.

I used this suncream for almost 4 months. I can’t tell that I love this sun cream but I can’t tell that I hate it too. This is quite confusing he5. This sun cream is from tomato range which mean it is can bright my face. I agree with that, because I found my face is more brighter after 1 months using this sun cream. I don't like to use this in the morning when i'm in a rush to office because this is really hard to blend (the cream is really thick) if I don’t blend slowly it will left me a white cast.
What I Love about this product:
Cheap price (I got this for only IDR 70.000, buy online)
It has enough SPF for UVA and UVB Protection for daily use (36 SPF/++)
It makes my face more brighter

What I Hate about this product:
It has a s strange smell (difference from the serum), I don’t know how to describe it :(
Hard to blend because the cream is very thick.
Makes my face greasy.

Reccomended: Overall, it is an OK sun cream. If you looking for something cheap, fit for daily use, and want to have a brighten face, I think you can try this.
Repurchased : No, I prefer to try the other sun cream.
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  1. nice product:)
    I'll be staying at home for valentine's sad lol
    just noticed that you're in surabaya,mybe you can join me with another blogger for hang out:)

    1. Sure, it's a nice idea :)
      Let me know if you have a plan to hang out.. ^^

  2. Nice review!

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  3. nice review.. i am not indonesian. cant enter ur giveaway :(

    I have a "delicious giveaway" - win a abataba jewellery on my blog.

    1. sorry :( maybe next time i will host an international one.. Thanks for stopping by at my blog..

  4. Not really crazy about this sunscreen iether :). Dulu udah pernah coba tapi ada sedikit gatal di muka. Met kenal :)

  5. Wow, I just blogged about the same product. Like minds think alike :)

    What is your favourite sunscreen to date?

  6. wah 70rb murah banget? Itu PO atau ready stock?? Aku dapetnya 77rb itu PO dari Korea =.= Belinya dimana ya kalau boleh tau?? :)

    1. kan cuman beda 7 ribu say..77rb juga udah murah :)
      aku beli PO di riebutik tapi itu aku belinya udah 1 tahunan yg lalu. harga bisa berubah tergantung kebijakan tokonya :)


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