Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review: Structura Everline Hair Maschera

If you read about my january haul, you maybe notice that i talk a little about my HG hair mask. today i will write a review about it. My HG hair mask called structura everline hair mask.

I know about this hair mask from my officemate. She gave this to me couple months ago. She said this mask is very popular and often used in beauty longue/ saloon. So i give it a try. For your info, I have a thick and dry hair. I used hair dryer and hair straightener very often. First time i used this mask, i'm really surprised with the result.

My hair become so soft and easily to arranged. I can't stop to touch my hair. I only used this mask for once and the result that i got is awesome. I fall in love with this mask :) :)

From the product: A restructuring and repair treatment, A2 Ceramides have the ability to restore energy, vitality and shine to damaged, treatless, and lifeless hair.

Direction To use:
Towel dry hair (make sure you have less water on your hair)
Apply the mask all over your hair and massage gently
Leave it for 15 minutes. I used hot towel to wrap my hair.
Wash your hair with warm water.

This is how it looks like

What i love:
My hair feel soft and thinner since the very first time using it.
The smells is nice
The mask not sticky at all and absorb quickly. I apply on my hair using my bare hand. when i want to wash my hand, i notice my hands aren't sticky at all.

What i hate:

Repurchase: absolutely

Reccomended: for those who have a dry and damage hair.


  1. Love your blog. Beautiful photos. Nice posts. Follow each other on both, GFC and Bloglovin??

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for the answer, ken.. ^^

  3. Shasha, thank you, for the lovely comment on my blog. I am now following you.

  4. my hair is so damaged perhaps I should give this a try!

  5. waaa mau coba ini ^_^ ada rekomen beli dimana si structura?

    1. hai sis.. kalau ini sih aku beli nya di toko2 kecantikan di daerah surabaya.. setauku yg jual online uda banyak kok sis :)


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