Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Welcome February

How is your first day in February?

I'm really excited to welcome this month, because in February means...Valentine day ^^ yay~~
I already prepare some gifts for BF (I know it's too early :p) I can't wait to give to him at 14th..

About my first giveaway.. I already hit 55 followers until this day..yay~~ Thank you so much for those who follow my blog (old and new followers). So, the giveaway post will be published around this week or early next week. I still preparing the prizes for you.. Please wait for me a little longer :)

Random Photos:

Can you help me? Which one is better? White or Black?

This is my sister's dress..she has 2 (almost) same dress with (almost) same pattern, the different is only the color.he5.. I want to take one but I have to choose which one is better :p


  1. I prefer the black one. :D

    Oh, lucky you, you have something to do on Valentine's day with your BF. LOL. ;) I'll spend the Valentine with my family, as usual (no BF...). LOL.

    Happy February! Have a nice month!

    1. Hope you have a nice month too ningrum :)
      Before met my BF, I always spent V-day with my friends..he5
      Someday you will found the one too..and spend your v-day with him :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. White is beautiful, and I was thinking you'll give this dress for the giveaway, haha ^^

    1. hahaha.. no dear, the giveaway prizes are cosmetics related :)

  4. Like the second dress! I love the colour white!
    Looks good! :)


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