Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Year

This is a random post about my life.

Today, March 28th 2012 marks my 1st anniversary in my office now. I officially start my job at April 1st, but I entered the office’s door and began my training on March 28th one year ago. I'm (un) officially graduated from my university on March 8th 2011 and 20 days after the announcement, I acquired my first job at this office.

1 year ago..

I was a fresh graduated. Clueless about what will waiting me in this office. Clueless about what should I do next. Clueless about my boss’s character,etc. I spent my first three months with a fear. Afraid to ask, afraid to answer, afraid to my boss, basically I’m afraid to anything because I'm still new and didn’t know anything. My boss often asked me to “fight” with gave me a lot of hard questions. Sometimes if I answer right, he still mad at me with no reason *I don’t even know what’s wrong with my job??*.

at that point I really hate him and want to leave out this office, but still I survived! *what doesn't kill you will make you stronger, right?*


I fall in love with this office, fall in love with this job. My officemates are nice and kind. My salary is acceptable and my job is not stressfull at all *unless there is a problem with the money :p*. My boss has changed too, he isn’t like a “monster” but become more soft and calm. My officemates even called me “boss’s favourite” he5.

I'm really thankful that I can have this job as my job, even though it is tough in the beginning. ^_____^

PS: Now I start using meme in my post..hahaha I found it is really funny!


  1. congrats ya udah bertahan selama ini hehehee, aku udah hampir 4 tahun di kantor yg sekarang...mulai jenuh :( tp susah nyari kerjaan lagi secara udah tuwir hihihiiii...

  2. selamat yahhh, emang enak klo uda bisa cari duit sendiri, hehe
    Bdw, uda aku follow, follow-back yahh
    Salam kenaaaall ^O^

  3. Hey thats great.. :) Happy 1st year, m gonna start working this year too..Hope it turns out well, really freaked out about such a major change :P

    The Sweet Life

  4. i'm enjoying the emo pictures so much hehehehe.
    anyway, congrats for the first year. wish all the best for you and your job ;)

  5. klo blh tau kantor dmn cie? betah ya di sana?
    abis lulus ni aku jg mau cari2 krj di sby jg ^^
    keep fighting with your work! ;)

    1. Kantorku di daerah tengah kota say.. so far sih betah-betah aja hehehe
      Wah semoga cepat lulus dan dapat kerjaan ya ^^ Kuliahnya jurusan apa say?

  6. Sama siss, aku juga baru-baru ini udah 1 taun kerja, dan suka dukanya kayak gitu >_< kadang bosku senewen ga jelas, marah-marah ga jelas pelampiasannya ke aku sampe aku mau keluar rasanya. Tapi setelah dijalanin malah kayaknya sekarang jadi si bos yang bingung kenapa aku tahan2 aja udah dimarah2in geje gitu jadinya skarang kayaknya "lebih dihargai" deh aku dikantor ^^

    Semangat terus yaaa ^^ begitulah emang sih ya dunia kerja... *menghela napas*

    1. wah sama he5.. iyaaa sama-sama semangat ya say ^^

  7. wahhhhh selamat ya.. tapi jangan absen ngeblog seperti yang menimpa diriku hehehe.

    welcome to the jungle :D , survive and become a survivor!!!!

  8. keren udh kerja nih sis... :D semangat yaa... recently I'm in love too with this 9gag emos, lol so funny! :D

  9. glad you are liking your job. It's always difficult the first months.

  10. Glad that you feel happy right now with ur job ^^


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