Friday, March 9, 2012

Review: Etude House Collagen Moistfull BB cream

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Hello today I will talk about another BB cream from etude house. This time I will review Etude Moistfull Collagen BB cream.
From the website:
Collagen Moistfull BB Cream supplies collagen to strengthen derma integrity and promote youthful skin.
This moisturizing Blemish Balm contains whitening and anti-wrinkle properties, and also provides protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.
Available in two shades to match your skin tone: Light Beige and Natural Beige
Swatch on my hand (Natural Beige):Before-After:

My opinion:
At first I used this bb cream alone without any primer. After sun cream, I applied this. The coverage is really good and the color match with my skin tone. It gives me a dewy finish and I can see my face glowing after I use this BB cream. But the most important thing is about the oil control. Seriously this BB cream has the most sucks oil control I’ve ever tried. My face becomes very greasy after 1,5 hours!! Ewww.. I do a simple test about the oil control and see what I’ve got after 1 hour! I'm speechless :(
Oil control test after almost 1 hour:
Final Result:

What I love about this product:
Has SPF 30/PA++
Coverage is medium high and Gives me a dewy finish ^^
After using it for 1 week I don’t experience break out. Also My face become more brighter, I guess the whitening ingredients are really work.
The texture is quite liquid so it is easy to blend.
What I hate about this product:
The oil control is really bad. I feel like I’m use a butter as my base make up.
Quite pricey for the full bottle (IDR 190.000)
Repurchased: Maybe yes, but i must buy a suitable primer for this BB cream too
(I already found it, wait my review about the primer later XD)


  1. wow the oily control really is bad :O

    1. yes it is :(
      Must combine it with a primer to make my face less greasy..

  2. I think oil control isn't too good because this product is catered towards people with dry skin types.. ^_^

    1. Yes, my sis (which her skin type is dry) give it a try when she was home.. the result is quite good.. her face feels greasy after 4 hours..
      I know this is not suit with my skin type, but I super love the coverage and the finish result.. when I apply it with primer, it works good on oil control :p

  3. sepertinya emg buat dry n normal skin ni :D
    hehe.. nice review ;)

  4. Nice Review :)
    But I have oily skin :( This is a pass for me

  5. Nice!
    Jadi penasaran pengen cobain :D

  6. How does the oil control test work, do you place it on blotting paper for a while and see how much oil is on the blotting paper?

  7. thanks for your review! i actually thought about purchasing this! I have the moisturizing cream from their collagen range but I've never tried their bb creams.

  8. mungkin krn ini mmg untuk kulit kering makanya oil controlnya ga gt bagus yaa :)

  9. OMG♥ You look like Cl from 2ne1.~ Gorgeous~!

  10. Working with collagen cream will be beneficial to anybody who's seeking to erase decades away of their confront too as entire body and prevent lines in addition as stretch marks from occurring.
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