Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence

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Hello ladies, how are you today?
Today I will review another products from Etude House. It is Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence.
Product Description:
Moisturizing makeup primer masks pores to subdue sebum and improve makeup coverage.
I use a sample version for this review. Even the sample's design is cute right? I love the baby blue color.

How it looks like:

My opinion:
I used this primer before BB cream. This primer gives me a cool sensation like put an ice on my face. After apply it, I use the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB cream. After 5-6 hours I realized something wonderful. My face doesn't feel oily!! Yes I swear, I usually use oil control paper every 4 hours, but when I used this primer, I don't even use 1 of the oil control paper for 5 hours. This is so WOW!

What i love about this product:
Give me a cool sensation after apply it
Makes my skin smooth after using it and slightly reduce my pores size
The texture is quite watery and moisturize well.
The oil control is really good.

What I hate about this product:
The smell is quite strong.
Take a time to absorb.
Repurchased: Yes :)

Edited On June 27th 
I bought the full tube~ Here are some photos~


  1. woahh~ nyobain ah ntar~ <3
    thx for the review~:D

  2. wah, jadi pengen :O
    beli di mana? boleh minta link.nya? ^^

    1. hai say..kalau samplenya sih aku dapat gratis.. kalau untuk full tubenya beli di ol shop2 yang buka PO korean cosmetics kayak / pasti ada ^^

  3. i tried the similar one from lioele, Pore Primer works great!! Thanks for the reviews

  4. Mungkin dia bikin kamu jadi gak oily karena formulanya yang melembabkan. Biasanya kalau kulit kita lembab dari dalam, epidermis luarnya jadi gak gampang oily. Anyway, makasih reviewnya. Kapan2 aku mau deh cobain ini. :)

    1. makasi infonya fifi *nambah pengetahuan^^*

  5. kemaren aq udah beli tp belom sempat di pake..
    liat reviewnya bagus jd pengen buru2 ngobain.. hehehehe.. :D

    1. Habis nyobain tulis reviewnya juga sis ^_~

  6. Wow! it really minimize the appearance of pores..Great review! I'm so going to try this soon. Thanks for sharing..=)

  7. you make me wanna try it! haha.. good review sha btw. <3

  8. Wow! Gotta try this out some time!

  9. I love bb cream, shame we don't have this one in the UK, would love to dry it out. Look forward to more posts in the future

    YY x

  10. wooooww >.<
    q lagi ada masalah ama pore ~~~
    Nanti nyobain ini dehh >.<

    bdw, sis pake bb cream nya tiap hari kah ?
    Trus primer nya itu bisa menghilangkan permanent atau cuma kalo pada saat di pake aja yah ?

    bdw follow me back please ^^

    1. Hi sis, ini primer fungsinya untuk membantu mengecilkan pori-pori sesaat sebelum menggunakan bb cream/foundation jadi sifatnya memang tidak permanen. Istilahnya cuman sebagai base/alas aja agar bb cream yang digunakan hasilnya bisa mulus dan pori-porinya tertutup dengan sempurna gitu. Kalau sis mau mengecilkan pori-pori bisa pakai produk-produk skincare khusus yang untuk masalah pori-pori besar. Contohnya: TSF Peach Sake range atau Etude Mini size U range.

  11. This looks promising, Sha. *ikutan PO* ^____^

  12. I'm thinking of buying this product when I go back to Philippines. :D Thanks for the review!

    PS: I hope you've been seeing the replies on my page xD apparently I don't have a reply button. I'm still trying to get use to blogging.

  13. Hai shasha ^^
    thanks uda review produk ini :)
    I always wanted to try it out :)
    btw I already following you ^^

    1. thanks via~~
      you should give it a try ^^

  14. Hello, there
    great review u have, completed with before and after pics too, really informative :) since u write that this has cool sensation, that's makes me wanna try this too. I kinda have a giant pores around my nose and I'm currently looking for pore filling primer, guess I'll be hunting for this :)
    I have tried the etude aloha sherbet primer which has some cooling sensation too but the aloha primer is not for covering big pores.
    Thanx for sharing^^
    btw I followed u, hope u like to follow me back :) thank u

  15. Ce, ini kan ada versi sticknya.. Menurut cece, better aku pilih yang model essence ini atauuu stick? thanks sooooo mucchhh =)

    1. Halo sab~ aku pernah baca kalau yang stick bagus buat yang kulit kombinasi terutama yang T-Zonenya super oily.. tapi menurutku sama-sama aja sih, karena yg essense juga berfungsi sama. aku pilih essense karena pakainya lebih mudah. Aku agak kurang suka produk2 yang tipe "stick" gitu.. takut ga rata waktu dibaurkan he5.. tergantung orangnya aja sih menurutku, kamu lebih suka yang model mana. kalau kegunaan kan pasti sama aja *menurutku*


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