Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: Luview One Touch Brush Sun Powder

~ Today i will talk about my new product from luview.
For those who don't know: Luview is a korean brand that stand for Luminous View. You can see the detail about this brand on their website here
My review today is about luview sun powder. I got this as a giveaway prize along with the BB cream (I'll review about it here).

From the website:
- Easy! Effectively! Protects your skin from sunlight anywhere, anytime.
- Powder type sun block protects skin from UV/A and UV/B damage
- One-touch brush: The built-in natural brush enables convenient use anywhere, anytime.
- LUVIEW's sebum control powder. Loose, lightweight texture is right for every type of skin and skin friendly pigments keeps make up clean all day.
- Ultra fine sun powder enables its use at the last stage of make up and skin-hugging formula delivers a reliably flawless finish.
- SPF50+ / PA+++: KFDA certified.

How to use : At the sun cream stage or makeup finish stage, the brush in the container is used to apply. It is applied from time to time under the maintenance condition.

Benefit : SPF 50 PA+++, Built in brush, Oil control
Skin types : Oily, Combination skin
Formula : Micro-fine powder
Volume : 9g
Price: US$ 24.60

What i love:
Makes my face brighter.
The powder texture is super fine and no strange smell.
The SPF is high (SPF 50/PA+++).
Easy to apply. If I'm in a rush I can apply this quickly.
The packaging is simple but elegant. The brush is super soft.
The oil control is good, my face feels greasy after 3-4 hours ^^
What i hate:
Hard to get in my country. I can only order it online.
Quite pricey for a sun care product and the amount is quite small too :(
Repurchased : Yes :)


  1. ah, bikin kepengen deh postmu... huks... T^T

    1. beli aja phanie :)
      bagus sun powdernya ini, gampang dibawa2 juga ^^

  2. Nice review..I'm always been fascinated about this brand as I've seen numbers of bloggers raving on it. But the price is quite expensive, I'm interested on their BB cream as it seems pretty light weight and full of benefits. I'll be waiting for your bb cream review before I decide whether to purchase it or not. Thanks for sharing ^_^~

    1. Yes, the price isn't really affordable, but it comes with a good quality ~~ Thanks for reading Janet, I will do a review about the BB cream soon ^^

  3. Sama, gw jadi mupeng liat entry mu yang ini ^^

  4. Hi Sha, ini buat combination and oily?
    Tapi setelah pakai apa dia "ngangkat minyak" ga?
    Soalnya somehow pake yang serupa seperti ini dengan pernyataan mereka for oily skin justru malah muka jadi mengilap berlebihan.. --" Memang bukan kayak minyakan kusam, tp bener-bener super mengilap seolah-olah minyaknya tuh diangkat..

    1. Iya buat kulit kombinasi dan berminyak sis.. Kalau aku setelah pakai ini hasilnya sih matte gitu, ga mengkilap sama sekali kok ^^ Kayak pakai bedak tabur tapi yang ringan banget.

  5. Looks great!! Thanks for the review :)

  6. waah thanks for make a review about this product Shasha!! <33 I love it too


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