Friday, March 23, 2012

Review: Luview Whitening Capsule BB Cream

Hello~~ This is another Luview’s Product review. I got this as a giveaway prize along with the sun powder (read my review here). My first impression about this BB cream: It is really slim and high ha5. See the packaging:

It comes with a little pump, so it is really hygienic.

From The website:

Natural and luminous skin from micro capsule containing aloe extracts
Light is not only reflected on the surface but it is also naturally re-emitted from deep within the skin. Aloe ingredients keeps surface radiant by absorbing excessive sebum and skin's inner moisturizing
Magic capsule for customized finish Upon application, the micro capsule inside cream pops and turns into an natural skin color with pearl shinning
Natural light effect Enhance skin's natural light with pearl shinning
Non-irritating natural minerals doesn't cause break-outs
How to use:
At the final stage of the skin care, take appropriate volume and apply for light pounding. Makeup base and foundation are not required to use separately.
Benefit : Whitening, Pure moisturizing, Cell-rejuvenation
Skin types : Oily, Combination Skin
Color Types : 1L-Light beige
Volume : 34g Price: US$ 22.80
Swatch: I’m really surprise about this BB cream’s color, because the first time I pump it the color is white. After I blend a little the white color slowly change into a beige color and match with my skin tone perfectly yay~~

Final Result: Super matte!
What I Love:
The color match with my skin tone perfectly.
Lightweight and fit for daily use.
Brighten my face after I apply it.
Have a little glitter that makes my face sparkling.
What I hate:
The coverage is low. I must apply a lot of concealer if I want a smooth finish.
The oil control is normal (3 hours). I was expecting more, because this should be suitable for oily skin.
It is quite Pricey and I can only order it online via
Repurchased: No. I need to buy BB cream with heavy coverage because I have a lot of acne scar.
Have you already tried this BB cream? What are your opinion about this product? Share with me ~~


  1. Hmmm.. first time to hear about Luview. Expensive huh! :(

    1. it is korean brand.. yes quite expensive :(

  2. Yay, finally your Luview bb cream review..I've been waiting on this..~Thanks for the review! too bad the coverage is pretty low..Isn't bb cream suppose to cover all those blemishes. I wonder why they even named it bb cream if the coverage wasn't that well. I think I'll just skip this and search for altenatives ^_^~

    1. Hi janet, sorry for the delay ^^
      Me personally don’t know why the coverage isn’t really good :(. If you want high coverage BB cream from luview maybe you can try the crystal cover bb cream, I heard it is really good with coverage ^^

  3. Thanks for participating in my giveaway ^^

    I'm so curious about BB creams!
    Such a pity they don't sell them in the Netherlands, only the one from Garnier but that's not a real BB cream.

    And I don't want to order online because that's a bit tricky with the colour.


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