Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: The skin food Aloe Sunscreen BB Cream SPF20 PA+

Image Taken From: The Skin Food

Hello, today i will review about The skin food Aloe Sunscreen BB Cream SPF20 PA+. I have this in shade 1. I know this bb cream already so old school, so i will make this short :).

From the website:
A multi-function BB cream that protects skin from UV rays and moisturizes skin with aloe extract, while achieving a clear, radiant skin tone.
Apply using fingers, in order, to cheeks, nose, jaw, and then forehead. Spread thinly by patting with fingers.
Here is the swatch on my hand.

My Before-After Photos

Oil Control Test. After 2-3 Hours

What i love:
Give me a dewy finish.
The coverage is medium.
Dried my acne :). When i use this at the first time, i have a big acne. After 3 times use this BB cream, when i remove my make up, i realize my acne is quite dry and the redness is slowly fade.
The price is quite cheap for a full bottle (IDR 105.000 for 50g)
Has SPF 20/+
What i hate:
The oil control is sucks. It is almost the same with platinum grape cell bb cream.
My face feels greasy after 2-2,5 hours.
The smell quite strong and i don't really like it.
The SPF is really low even though the name is sunscreen BB cream
Repurchased: No

Finish Result


  1. huahaha.. aku jd terinspirasi utk bli blotting paper jg utk cek oil control nya >,<
    tp sayang jg sih cm dipake utk eksperimen..soalnya kulitku kering normal :D
    thx for review ^^

    1. kalau aku pasti sedia yg namanya oil control film say secara mukaku super minyakan :p

  2. it could have been better if they had better oil control. But this bb cream really looks good on your skin. This might be works during winter time :)

    1. Yes!! if it has a better oil control, I definitely repurchased it for a full bottle. He5

  3. aww, so sorry to hear that...too bad the oil-control is not really that great..but at least its did dries out your acnes..=) I'm actually planning to purchase this but still hesistant as I'm not sure how it really works.. Thanks for this, I think I'm going to skip this aside and try something else..^_^~

    1. Actually this BB cream is quite good and affordable, If you have dry skin maybe you should try this janet, but if you have oily skin like me..I suggest you choose the TSF has better oil control.

  4. aku jg ada ini ud setahun dan blm habis smpai skrg ya krn merasa ga gt bagus. bener kata km, oil controlnya ga gt bagus pdhl kan katanya yg aloe vera ini utk oily skin. wanginya jg berlebihan deh, bikin pusing -,-

    1. iya sama ya pendapatnya ^^ Ternyata ga cuman aku aja yg merasa gitu..hahaha

  5. I'm a brazilian girl!... I loved your post!!! I'ts help me a lot about this product.
    Have a nice day


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