Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: The Skin Food Mushroom Multi Care Bb Cream SPF 20/+

Image Taken From: The Skin Food

Another day, another BB cream review..yay~~ I’m really on roll lately he5. This time I will talk about The Skin Food Mushroom Multi Care BB cream. Like TSF Aloe Sun BB cream, this is also so old school BB cream. Long time ago I already use this BB cream, but I’m not into a blogging world that time he5. Because nowadays I’m addicted to blog, I decided to review this. Only a little review because I believe all of you already know about this BB cream.

From The website:
"A Triple function BB Cream ( whitening, anti-aging, sunblock) that contains skin friendly aloe & mushroom extract, adenosine and arbutin that helps to improve the appearance of fine lines & promotes brighter, more radiant complexion w/ UV properties."

Swatch on my hand

My Before-After Photos

Oil Control Test. After 8 hours
What I love:
The coverage is medium.
Give me a matte finish and the Oil Control is quite good. My face feel a little greasy after 4 hours! I even don’t need to use oil control film for almost 5 hours. This is super love ^^
The smell is quite nice, I can’t really describe the smell but it isn’t smell like mushroom :p.
Has SPF 20/+

What I hate:

Repurchased: Yes :)

Final Result:


  1. baunya kayak apa say? penasaran jadi pengin coba, enak mana sama yg aloe?

    1. Agak bingun jelasin baunya say..hehehe kayak bau tanaman hijau gitu..lebih enak sih dari Aloe kalau menurutku, karena kalau yang Aloe baunya agak menyengat.

    2. ooo, nyoba beli sample dl kalo gt wkwkkk biar ada perbandingan ^^ thanks for review :)

  2. wow! your skin looks so bright and clear! great product!! I hope I get to try some samples on this, will probably check on the TFS soon..Thanks for review ^_^~

    1. Thank you janet, you should give it a try :)
      I ussualy like to try samples before purchase the full bottle ^^

  3. nice review!
    i love the skin food bb cream too :)


    1. Thanks for reading Jessie :)
      I love it too <3

  4. i wonder how much this bb cream costs. :x

    1. Oh yes, sorry forgot to put the price :)
      If you bought online it will cost you around IDR 140.000 (price maybe vary ) ^^

  5. Wow it looks great ^^ I wanna try ^^)/


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