Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome April, Welcome Hectic Month

Happy April Fool's day~~
Wow time surely fly really fast right? Seems like yesterday is still January and now it is already April..fiuuh~~

April will be a hectic month for me. For your info, I work as an accountant and my final job every year is make an annual tax report (the deadline is on April). When I was in college, my lecturer always warned us about how hard it is to make a reconciliation of financial report and tax report. And now as I work in a “real” world, I found it is really haaarrdddd.. need more concentration and energy.. Yesterday I found a little mistake in my last year financial report and because of that I must rewrite a new journal for 1 year!! But… the most depression moment is.. after I rewrite a new journal, it checked by my boss and then he found out that the right one is the journal before and the mistake is on other journal. *WTF* so I must delete my new journal and make another journal for 1 year again, and after that I must rewrite the tax report again. *Sigh* I even don’t have any idea again for my report name. FYI again, I can’t just overwrite the old files with a new one because boss will check the new one and compare with the old to make sure the mistake was corrected. So what happened to my files are:

Tax Report 2011 (The original one)

Tax Report 2011 New - Tax Report 2011 Fix - Tax Report New Fix - Tax Report SUPER NEW - Tax Report SUPER NEW FIX (After so many revision *lol*)

Anyway forget about my job, let’s start this month with something happy and delicious ^_~. I will start this month with food post XD.

One day before my sister left Surabaya (February 2012), we had a dinner at our favourite japanesse restaurant called Hachi-Hachi. We met Irfan Bachdim there!! (Indonesia's Famous Football Player). No, I don’t take a picture with him (if you ask where is the picture?) because he already busy with his fans. I think he is more handsome in real life than on screen :p

Into the food ~~

We ended that night by having a big dessert at Haagen Dasz :)

This is called Ice Cream Fondue ^^ Quite pricey for an Ice cream, but it is really delicious! No regret at all :p

Random: I was bored yesterday so I decided to make a little experiment with my nails :p. just a simple polka dot because I'm not really good with nail art.


  1. aaaahhh, aku juga lagi mencoba belajar bikin pembukuan, tapi ga ngerti2.... T____T oia, any sugggestion untuk software accounting yang bagus?

    1. setauku yang lumayan pakai accurate..dulu waktu kuliah aku belajarnya pakai itu, cuman sekarang di kantor pakai software lain jadi mesti belajar ulang :p

  2. all the foods are just delicious..happy April fool day.(‐^▽^‐)

  3. Hi sweetie!

    I have just discovered your blog~
    Such a adorable and interesting blog sweetie! I'm feel comfortable read your post! Very nice:)

    Wanna follow each other dear?

    Have a fab day!

    1. thank you for your sweet comment dear ^^

  4. Sama qt sis aq jg lagi puyeng buat laporan pajak tahunan...waktu tersisa gak ampe satu bln lagi......

    ƪ(˘ڡ˘)ʃ bgt sis......

  5. The Ice Cream Fondue looks yummy! What's life like in Indonesia btw?

    1. It is good ^^ except the weather at my hometown is really hot XD
      Thanks for visiting btw ^^

    2. LOL If you think it's hot there, visit Philippines. After I get out of the shower, in less then 5 mins I start sweating already. :P

  6. The food looks so tasty. :D Salmons!

  7. OMG. Such a bad blog, u have! Your nails are so ugly. Why y u blogging? I hate ur post. --- KIDDING!:D -----

    Happy April Fool Day:D Maaf, kalau telat:D

    Seneng bgt deh, rasanya, nemun satu2 Indonesian Blogger:D Your nails are so cute<3:) Dan, makanan - makanan itu..... Enak bgt, kelihatannya:D And, ya have a comfy blog:D

    Following you:)
    It'll be so nice, if you follow me back:)

    Have a sparkling day!

    1. hahaha sempat shock baca komennya ^^
      salam kenal juga say ^^

  8. aww...look delicious..jadilaper hhe
    btw maybe we can follow each other?

  9. *-* makanannyaaaaaa

  10. Halo kak:D
    Itu enak bgt makanannya. Jadi pengen, oh ya, kakak blognya bagus lho, nyaman pula.

    I'm ur follower.
    Hope for follow back.


  11. I like the nails like that!
    If you have time I'd love to know what do you think of my fashion blog. It's all about my sense of style between Barcelona and Paris!

  12. busy busy month for you. Wow, I love Indonesian food ♥


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