Saturday, April 21, 2012

Harvey Prince Ageless Anti Age Perfume

Hello Ladies.. How are you today? It's been a while since my last post because I'm quite busy this month, but luckily my annual tax report is already finished yay~~. By the way, I'm really happy right now and I want to share my happiness with you.

Back on March, I won a giveaway that held by Chamber of beauty. My prize is Ageless EDT By Harvey Prince. Ageless EDT is really famous these day among international beauty blogger. I noticed that since early this year, there are many beauty blogger that made a giveaway with Ageless EDT as a prize. And I was lucky enough to won one (Thanks to Rakhshanda!).

So, yesterday I received my packaged (exactly 1 month shipping) and these are what I got:

100 ml Ageless EDT
Sample Eau Flirt

Inspired by recent scientific discoveries and clinical trials, we have developed a perfume called Ageless Anti-Age Perfume.
Ageless Anti-Age perfume is an aromatic essence of pink grapefruit, mango, anti-oxidant rich Pomegranate, jasmine and musk. Ageless was designed with one goal in mind: To make you smell younger. A miracle in thefield of beauty.

How to use: Swirl onto pulse points: neck, wrists, back of ears, and inner elbows for an all-over luminous glow.

Amount: 100 ml
Price: $98

My Opinion:
I love the scent! The smell is combination of fruits and flower so it is kinda makes me feels sexy, fresh and happy when I use this perfume. There is one thing that I love about this perfume's statement: "Research has proven that men around women who use ageless perfume believe them to be at least 8 years younger! Remarkable!"

I'm 23 (and almost 24 years old) this year, so that means when I use this perfume, I will be 15/16 years old around the people? *lol*

Do I look like 15? hahahah I guess not :p
How I wish I was 15 forever :p

Happy Sunday~~


  1. Very intriguing mix of scents. Jasminenya kenceng ga baunya? aq suka yg jasmine scented soalnya ^_^

    1. jasminenya ga terlalu storng kok baunya.. baunya lebih banyak ke arah buah2annya gitu jadi segar banget ^^

  2. great review <3 It sounds fab!!!!!

  3. ^.^ sounds like it really has a nice smell :)

  4. Congratulations on your gift. I hope you can visit my blog too.

    1. Hey thanks for your comment ^^
      I already visited your blog~~ Nice :)

  5. You didn't look that old!
    You look like you're my age X3
    Congratulation for winning! :)

  6. congratulation :) keliatannya wanginya enak ya :)

    1. Thank you..
      enak say wanginya segar gitu jadi cocok buat segala suasana ^^


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