Friday, April 27, 2012

Klean Color French Bijou

Hey, I'm back with another post ^^
This time I will post about nail polishes. First, let me introduce you to my " Babies" Klean Color French Bijou Series. (Bijou in French means Jewel).

I rarely use nail polish because I don't have long nails, and I'm to lazy to lengthen my nails. I bought these polishes because I can't say no to PINK colors~~ *lol* The bottles are tiny and cute too ^^
This series come with 6 different colors, mostly are sheer colors. I choose this series because I don't really like "strong" color *norak/terang*

This set contains:

❤ Sheer Red
❤ Top Coat
❤ White
❤ Sheer Pastel Nude

❤ Sheer Pastel Pink

❤ Sheer Peach


I use 2 layers of the polishes on my nails, because the color is really sheer.

I only take 3 pictures from 6, because the other color is only top coat (plain and red) and white (basic).

Happy Friday~~


  1. i love these colors! they all seem so very wearable everyday and you'd get so much use out of them! :D
    i love how the colors are more of a "tint" to your nails rather than the whole color, and being lazy as well, i really cbf dealing with chipped nails haha

    1. Yes, this is really suits to wear everyday because the color is really soft :p

  2. warnanya sheer ya, tp tempting bgt hihihi. i love nail polish

    1. Iya, harus pakai banyak biar kelihatan warnanya ^^

  3. suka yg terakhir deh, warnanya natural kaya kuku sehat gitu hehe.
    btw aku suka tampilan baru blognya XD

  4. aku bru aja pesen iniii~ wakakaka kebetulan banget XD

  5. bagus mana sis sama yg oh yes i do? aku bingung mau yg mana jadinya haha ^^;

  6. hmm aku ga pernah nyobain yg seri oh yes i do sih, kalau bagus mana, tergantung sukanya warna apa aja menurutku..kalau yg seri ini warnanya sheer2 semua~


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