Sunday, April 29, 2012

Love Mail ❤

This story began from 2 weeks ago. Someday around mid April, Stephanie update her blog with some story about her makeup bag. At the end of the post, she also mentioned that her boyfriend found Hadalabo product in local supermarket. I left comment on her blog that said I want to try one too! And I asked her to get me 1 if she had time. After I left that comment, I completely forgot about my request. Until couple days ago, Phanie contacted me on Twitter and asked for my address. To be honest, I still don't have any clue about why she need my address? She said she will sent me something ( AND I STILL DIDN'T UNDERSTAND! COMPLETELY FORGET ABOUT MY REQUEST!! I think I need to drink brain vitamin lol). Yesterday I received my packet (she even sent the packet with one day service). When I opened the wrapper, I discover the Hadalabo Facial Wash!! And at that time, I just remembered about my request *jedot kepala ke tembok*

So, here are what I got from Phanie~~ A lot of products! ❤ ❤ ❤

She is so sweet~~ She even left me a nice comment to enjoy my packet!

Thank You so much Phanie for your kindness~~ *hug*
❤ ❤ ❤


  1. kyaaa asiknyaaa. aku juga mau dong kak phanie :3 hihi

    1. hehehe ^^
      Ikutan giveawayku aja say..siapa tahu menang :)

  2. lovely packet :)
    Setujuuu!! Phanie emang baik banget, I heart her too <3

  3. owww kitkat green tea!

    one of my favorite ~❤

  4. *-* omg, kit kat green tea!! how it taste sha???
    gila i really craving of that kit kat.. di indonesia udah ada belum ya??? T.T

    1. Enak banget kitkatnya..sekarang jadi ketagihan pingin makan lagi.. Lagi nyari-nyari tapi kayaknya di Indonesia kalau beli harus via online deh, soalnya kalau di supermarket2 gitu belum ada..^^


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