Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: The Skin Food Shea Butter Foot Mask

Hello, I'm back again with another mask review~~ This time is different because I will talk about foot mask. This product called The Skin Food Shea Butter Foot Mask. I belive all of you maybe already know that shea butter is good for moisturize dry skin (I already make a review about another Shea Butter product Here, In case you want to read it :p). Into the review~~

From The Website:

Treat your feet to a relaxing foot spa rich with vitamin A and E! This unique foot mask shaped to fully cover your entire foot. It softens thick, hard calluses while protecting moisture from evaporation, for a smoother and healthier appearance. Comes in a pair. A foot mask containing shea butter extract that delivers rich nourishment and deeply moisturizes dry, cracked feet, leaving skin soft and smooth.

To use:
Use on clean feet. Follow instructions to cut off the masks and put on feet. While wearing the masks, massage feet to facilitate absorption. Leave for 15 minutes and then remove. Foot sole may become slippery after treatment, exercise caution during walking.

Price: IDR 20.000
Capacity: 20g

My Opinion:

Packaging: A simple brown packaging with shea butter's image on it.

Mask: I was quite surprised when the first time I opened the mask, because there isn't any essence. Unlike facial mask which contains many essence, this mask can be considered very dry. After cut off the mask and use it on my feet, I just doscover the essence. The mask has 2 layes, the first layer (inside) is the mask itself and contains essence/cream. The second layer (outside) is a waterproof plastic that shield the mask and the essence so it is not leak.

The mask size is really big. It is like wearing a giant socks. After put on the mask, I sit down on my bed and start to massage the essence for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, I take off the mask and let the excess essence dry in open air. The scent of the mask is nice, it is sweet and kinda like aromatherapy for me :p.

Benefit: I use this mask for 2 times, and overall I love how the mask makes my feet feel soft, smoooth, and wightless. It is really good to use this mask after a full day activities.

Love it or not? Love it~~


  1. Nice review! I haven't use any foot mask yet but I think I need one as I walk most of the time. Thanks for the review =)

  2. ah aku baru denger ada foot mask XD patut dicoba nih hehe. thanks for the review dear :)

  3. @janet and nila: u're welcome ^^

  4. Haha I've never heard of a foot mask before! It seems like Asian beauty companies have a mask for almost every part of the body now lol. It sounds like a great mask though; thanks for the review!

    1. yes, they had everything from head to toe lol.

  5. Great review. I am often very curious of foot masks...most of the time i just soak my feet in hot water, then apply cream its good to know that they do work


    1. Hey Jessy,
      usually I soak my foot in warm water (same like you :p) and massage it gently. But when I'm lazy, I just use this mask..more fast and easy ha5

  6. i bought foot mask from etude but haven't give a try.
    curious about this one :)

    anw, i give u award :)

  7. lucu foot mask jdi pengen coba deh >.<

  8. foot mask. baru ngerti ini loh.. jade pengen coba.. >.<

  9. This sounds interesting. I am following you now:) can you please follow me back hun <3?


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