Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask

How are you today friends? Yesterday I watched Mirror Mirror with BF and I fell in love with Snow White's cape!! In case you miss the movie, Here is the lovely cape~~

Cute, right? ^^

By the way, Today I will talk about my favourite mask sheet~~ Maybe I rarely mention about it, but I'm a mask sheet lover ❤. One of my favourite brand is My Beauty Diary Mask from Taiwan. I've already make a review about MBD royal Honey Mask Sheet, and now I will make another review about MBD Strawberry Yogurt Mask Sheet~❤

Description from
My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask whitens and Refines skin and control excessive sebum secretion. Natural strawberry extract contains AHA, minerals and enzyme to leave skin clean, fair, and fresh. Yogurt extract  balances sebum secretion and tightens pores. Arbutin leaves skin luminous. It also helps enhance skin's moisture level.

How To use it:
Ater cleansing and toning steps, tear off the mask and gently place it on the face. Leave on for 20 minutes. Then remove the mask.
Massage the remains, if any, into the skin. Follow with normal skin care procedure.
Suitable for: Normal skin/ Combination skin.

My Opinion:
Packaging: It is similar to paper sheet with chinesse and english words printed on it. The main color is white and it has strawberries decoration on it. cute~~

Mask: The mask isn't really thick but contains much essence. The shape fits my face well. The mask smell is like strawberry milk, slightly sweet and yummy~~

Benefit: Makes my face feels very smooth and brighter,Moisturize and tighten my large pore, Remove excess oil on my T-zone until the next day.

Price: IDR 14.000-20.000

Conclusion~~ I love this mask ❤

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  1. I used beauty diary tooo c shashaaa

    anw akuuu ada dapat olshop yg nge-jual @12.000
    :d :d


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