Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder

Ladies~~ I'm proudly presents you, my current favourite loose powder! NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder. I've been using this powder for almost 2 month and now I'm deeply in love with this powder. I even recommend this to my friend~~
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Price: $2.69 / I got mine for IDR 45.000 ( I got discount 20% when I purchased this item)
Where To buy: Drugstore
Amount: 20g
Available shade: Translucent and Naturally Beige
My Shade: Naturally Beige


❤ It is comes with a huge plastic jar and if you open all the lid cover, it will quite messy. For me, I only open jalf of the cover and tap a little to make the powder comes out. It is really help to reduce the "flying powder"
❤ The powder comes with a super thin spons applicator that isn't really usefull. I prefer use my powder brush to apply it.
❤ The lid doesn't screw on, so this loose powder isn't travel friendly (and not to forget the jar is huge). I put some amount on small jar if I want to take this powder with me. It is more secure and not really big for my makeup pouch.

What I love:
❤ It does a great job for setting makeup and controlling oil.

❤ It makes my skin looks very smooth, healthy, and makes my skin looks matte.

❤ Blends well and the pigmentation is on medium level.

❤ Lightweight and fit for daily use.

❤ Cheap price with big amount.

What I hate:
❤ The packaging isn't travel friendly.

❤ The sponge applicator is useless.

❤ Hard to get this product in my country.

Love it? Yes~~❤ ❤ ❤


  1. Pas bener~ Aku abis beli Silkygirl loose powder, huhuhu. Seems like a really good product ya~ ^___^

    1. aku juga banyak baca review loose powdernya silky girl bagus juga, phanie..^^

  2. wahh baca review km kyny bagus bgt nih sha >.< tp aku lg pengen lioele yg dollish moisture pact :3

    1. lioele bagus juga ya? kalau uda beli jgn lupa reviewnya ya rini ^^

  3. wow! you look really flawless on it!! I hope I can find this locally! You made me want to try this out ^_^~ thanks for sharing ^_^~

    1. Hi janet, you can order it online at

  4. wow kayaknya bagus >,< itu belinya gmn caranya cie? bukannya di luar indo? brarti hrs pke paypal dong? @_@

    1. hi shelvi..kamu ikut aja PO di online shop lokal..banyak kok yang terima PO untuk beli diwebsitenya drugstore ^^

  5. Do you know if it is non comedogenic? I got this as a gift but dont dare to wear it cause im afraid it will make me breakout


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