Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's new?

Today I will not make a review post, but I will talk about my blog. Maybe some of you aware that, there are some changes on my blog since the first time I started blogging.

The first one, the main change is my blog's background and header.
My previous background is just plain brown color without header. Since early this month, I decide to put something girly to my blog and the results are right in front of you now~~ ❤
What do you think? The header was made by me and for the background I got it from google~~

Second~~ I have  an Indonesian Beauty Blogger's Banner on my sidebar~~❤❤
As you already know, I'm from Indonesia. In my country there is a community which named Indonesian Beauty Blogger. To join the community is simple, as long as you have  abeuty blog, you can join the group. But, to get the group's banner, you must be an active beauty blogger for 6 months. This month marks my 6th months since the first time I started to blog, and finally I can have the group's banner~~

Third~~ Sponsor's banner and Discount code on my left sidebar.
I have sponsors yay~~ Go shopping, girls!!~~ Don't forget to use the code to get the discount ^^ ❤❤❤

That's all news from me.. I will be back again with product's review *soon* ❤


  1. Congrats for everything sha!!! love the new look of your blog btw, soo lovely!!!

  2. sha, cara bikin headernya gimana kok bisa ada gambarnya juga?
    ajarin dong, lucuuu >.<

    1. Hi putri, itu cuman pakai font kok.. coba cari di banyak font yang lucu ^^

    2. meluncur ke TKP..
      makasih infonya sha... !! *hug*

  3. wow! 6 months is ages :D
    teach me how you manage to come up with so many blogposts in your spare time!
    loving the new layout.. i really wanna change my blog name LOL but i think if i changed that i would have to change everything T_T

    1. Hi linny, 6 month is still consider as baby I guess he5. Why you want to change your blog name?

  4. i wish you a good luck for all stuffs going on your blog ^o^
    keep blogging!

    christanath's beauty blog

    1. Aww thank you bella~~ You're so sweet ^^


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