Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Mascara

Hello~ How is your week?
Last night I watched Prometheus with BF. At first I want to watch Snow White and the Huntsman, but the ticket already sold out when I reached the cinema >_<. So, we decided to watch the Prometheus, and that is a wrong choice! I feel like I want to threw up after I watched the movie. Especially the last scene when the alien fight with the giant octopus..eeww.. Okay I will skip here or I will throw up once again.

Anyway, today I will make a review about Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Mascara. I always love Maybelline mascara because the quality is good and the price is affordable.But this mascara somehow makes me dissapointed~ Check my review below~

My Opinion:
❤ This mascara makes my lashes lengtheningbut not really holds curl and not thicken my lashes. It just makes my lashes thin and length.

❤ It is not Waterproof but it is smudgeproof unless you rub your eyes very hard.

❤ The packaging is quite appealing, it is slim and pink. Unlike the other mascara (that sold in Indonesia), which usually come with a "Fat" packaging.

❤ It is not easy to removed. According to the information in the website, it can easily removed by warm water. But it is a BIG NO! I tried it once and ended regret it. Because, it took a long time to remove the mascara and made my lashes fall out *sigh*. I use Maybelline Lip and Eye remover (which is really good to remove waterproof eye makeup) and it still need some time until my lashes clean and free from this mascara.

Overall: I don't like this mascara. I still prefer Maybelline magnum express or Hypercurl Volum'Express.


  1. I used this one too! at least we both agree that it's sucks. and don't try their -uhm I forget the name- but it comes with 2 applicator one for fiber and one for mascara. That one doesn't give satisfying result too.

  2. I used this too ! ^^ bukan yang terbaik sih. tapi worth it lah buat di coba mascaranya :D

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

  3. thanks for sharing! It looks really disappointing.
    I think I won't buy this mascara lol

  4. I remember this mascara!
    one of the most crappy one Ive tried :S!
    Though the packaging is pink and cute *sigh*

  5. Aww I'm sorry that it's so disappointing!
    I also have problems getting Maybelline mascara off my eyes (especially the waterproof ones)

  6. ud lama aku ga pake maskara maybelline, abisnya merasa biasa ajaa, tp sbnrnya aku pngen coba yg magnum sih cm merasa blm kepengen bgt smpe harus beli :p
    packaging yg ini simple bgt ya tp bagus.. efek panjanginnya jg lmyannn :)

    1. lebih bagus magnum sih kalau menurutku, cuma memang ini efek panjangnya keliatan banget he5
      kalau mau coba mending yang magnum aja rin :)

  7. Wow your lashes look really long !!x

  8. sukaaa. Yang paling keren produknya Maybellin tu yang Volume Xpres. Awet loh. Sekali oles udah bagus banget :)


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