Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: The Skin Food Good Afternoon Rose Lemon BB Cream

Firstly, I want to told you that I'm back with another review from The Skin Food Good Afternoon BB cream series. This is the third varians that I've tried and I use the sample version (Shade #1 Light Beige) for this review.

Second, I also want to told you that usually I read many reviews before decided to try a new product. Same with this BB cream, I read many reviews from another blogger first before I tried this BB cream. And mostly all the reviews are told the same thing about this BB cream. This BB cream has light coverage, didn't cover anything, must apply concealer, the oil control isn't good, suitable for dry/normal skin type because the oil control is bad. These are what I've read from 5-6 reviews.  According to that, I should be able to say this BB cream isn't a good choice, right?
BUT~ I don't know what's wrong with me or my skin, this BB cream seriously works really good for me! I don't even have any complaint for this product~

Read my Review Below~

About Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea:
"A hydrating and fitting BB cream that revitilizes and hydrates skin with aromatic rose and refreshing lemon extracts. Immediately releases water drops to fransform skin into a soft, supple texture."



Comparison Light beige and Natural Beige (Requested by Vicky)

Final Result~



What I love:
The texture is different from the other BB creams. While the other BB creams usually have liwuid/creamy texture, this BB cream texture is like light mousse and gives me light~medium coverage.

This BB cream has lemon scent and it still last after 30 minutes after I applied it. The finish result is matte.

This BB cream gives me fresh and cool sensation after I applied it on my face.

The oil control suprisingly is more better than the peach green tea. Rather than makes my face feels greasy after 4 hours, this BB cream somehow makes my face dewy.
❤ It makes my face smooth, brighter, flawless, glowing, and healthy~

❤ The price is cheap for the full tube! 

What I hate:

Okay, I don't know what's wrong here ha5. I guess what didn't work for the others, doesn't means it didn't work for me too. I make sure to purchased the full tube of this BB cream.

Ps: I received many compliments from my mom, BF, and office mates when I use this BB cream. They said my face look flawless and super smooth~ yay~~

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  1. :O this BB Cream worked for my oily skin as well too!! I have blemished skin, and even though it doesn't cover my scars, it doesn't accentuate it either! I do like it too.

    Now since you said it has better control than the Peach one, I guess I should buy full size in this variant instead!

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Yes~ based on my personal experience, I like this varian better than the peach green tea. You should buy the full tube!

  2. Wow! it looks so nice on your skin!~ I've never really tried a bb cream with this consistency..It looks pretty interesting..Thanks for sharing ^_~

  3. Wow it looks really good! (^^) Thank you for review~

  4. nice review sha ^^
    pengen coba juga, hehe :)

  5. wahhhh :O itulah sbabnya sring dibilang ya apa yg cocok/ga cocok bagi orang lain belum tentu cocok/ga cocok buat kita, jd beda2 tiap orang :D
    ikt senang deh krn BB cream ini pas bgt buat km sha hihi makanya harus coba2 trus yaa xD
    tp BB cream skin food mmg wanginya agak lama yaa, ky si aloe jg wanginya bs brp jam sdngkan aku ga gt suka wanginyaa ._.

    1. Iya rin..untung yang ini wanginya masih enak lemon2 gitu..kalau yang aloe aku pass..wanginya terlalu keras :(

  6. What a great review! This seems great, I'll have to look out for the product =) Your blog is so cute!

    Suzie Q

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  8. I like how it has a lemon scent to it and a matte finish! Awesome *_*
    Your face looks so smooth after you applied it :D
    I really want to try this, except it's too light ahaha ^_^'

  9. I always read many reviews before buying new products too hehe
    where did you get the sample?

  10. I got it for free from local online seller. I bought some products on her, and she is sent me some samples with my order

  11. thank you for the review. my names krishan mohan, i live in new york! thank YOU!!! facebook: Krishan Mohan

  12. i agree with you, i wasnt expecting it to be so good because i didnt like their grapefruit bb cream at all. but this one, i love! i wanna get the full size :)

  13. Makasih shasha buat comparisonnya :D aku malah baru liat nih .. kyaknya aku lebih cocok pake natural beige deh ..

  14. Thanks for sharing with us your very detailed review of this Skinfood product. I will wait for your another review of beauty products. Have a nice day!

  15. Thank you for the review!I am thinking of trying some Korean BB Creams since the western ones aren't really!I was trying to figure out which version of the Skinfood BB Cream to choose and this might be it!


  16. I love your reviews of skin products! They are very descriptive and fair and I really like how you test color and do before and after photos. Thanks, I'll be reading more of your reviews!


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