Sunday, July 15, 2012

Favourite Songs~ July Edition

Actually I'm planning to do beauty post today. I still have many reviews and FOTD posts that waiting for me to publish~But when I type the words (while listening to k-pop songs), suddenly what comes to my mind is~ why I'm not share my favourite songs? and here you go now~ reading post my favourite songs this month~ he5.. Here we go~ my favourite songs this month~

1. Be Mine~ 2NE1

2. Baby Good Night~ B1A4

3. Flashback~ After School

4. I Love You~2NE1

5.  Alone~ Sistar

Those are my top 5~ I still have a lot of favourite songs but I don't put them all la~ It will make a very loongg post if I post all my favourite songs~ hehehe.. Happy sunday all~ Enjoy your weekend~


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