Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Ellefar Silk Touch Foundation

Hey Ladies~ I'm back again with another review~~
This time I will talk about foundation from Ellefar Cosmetic (or widely known as Daiso Brand). I got this product as a giveaway prize from kawaiiribbon. To be honest, at first I didn't know that I got this product as my prize (I didn't check the prize list carefully because there are so many products :p). I just discovered this product  when I received my package. This is the second time I try Ellefar cosmetics. My first try was with Ellefar Multi Cheek Blush and I love it so much. So, when I received this foundation, I put quite high expectation that this product will be great too~

Packaging: This is a powder foundation, so it is comes with a compact packaging. The packaging looks cheap and not appealing for me. There is no puff for this foundation. Also no mirror attached. The lid shut really tightly, so sometimes it is kinda hard to open the packaging (but it is also means this foundation is travel friendly, right?)

Price/Amount: I'm not sure about the price because I got this for free. But I think it is not expensive because this product is sold in Daiso counter. The amount is 12 g.

Available Shade: Beige and Ecru
My Shade: Ecru
Ingredients: Talc, Mica, PMMA, Titanium Dioxide, Mineral Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Dimethicone, Propylparaben, BHA,


❤ Not powdery and easty to blend.
❤ It contains glitters
❤ The coverage is light to medium. If I apply several layers of this foundation, it will covers my blemishes and little pimples.
❤ The finish result is matte.

What I love about this product: It doesn't feel heavy at all, even when I put several layers on my face. The finish result is natural and not cakey or make me looks like a clown,etc. The oil control is quite good~ around 5 hours.

What I hate about this product: The glitters are quite visible on my face.

Overall: I love this foundation~ Daiso cosmetics always impressed me with the quality despite its cheap price. But one thing that I hate, it's really hard to find this product in my country :(.

Anyone ever tried/heard about this product? Share with me~


  1. daiso di bandung gak jual kosmetik :( cuman peralatan rumah tangga ajah >,<" padahal pingin coba hehee btw nice review, cocok sama kulit kamu kayaknya ^^

  2. wahhhh DAISO ya.. 15 ribu doank ni kalo di Malaysia, waktu kuliah di sana suka beli2 pernak pernik doank, beru tau ternyata beauty product nya juga lumayan ya kualitas nya.. nice review, sha.. :)

    1. iya kalao di malay/sgp murah banget ya >_< andaikan di Indonesia juga ada produk kosmetiknya~

  3. wah pngen cobain tp di indo beli dmn.. T_T wkwk..
    nice review ce :)

  4. I didn't see this on our Local daiso here as well, it looks pretty nice considering the price is quite affordable! Thanks for sharing ^_~

  5. aku blm pnmh cb brand daiso.. tp packagingnya kliatan murahan bgt yaa ._.v hahahhaa

  6. well too bad doesnt have any mirror attached to it. but anyway i never tried any daiso brand, if i even find that store, i would hauling for sure! :)

  7. The Saizen store I've been into only sells refills too. I was hoping they have a compact version. Thank you for your review, I will be coming back to get one. Anyway do you have any idea what ecru means? Thanks!

    1. Hi, I also have no idea about the ecru name..


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