Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Holika Holika Petit BB~Clearing

Good morning friends~
Today I will share my experience with Holika Holika product. Holika Holika is a korean cosmetic brand (like Etude House, The skin food, The face shop, etc). Last month, I bought a new BB cream from Holika Holika at Gmarket Indonesia. The seller had a great sale for this BB cream, I bought this for only IDR 39K and free shipping~ This is my very first attempt with Holika's product and I'm quite pleased with the result~
Read more for my review~

About The Product:
"Holika Holika Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream 30ML with Tea Tree Oil and Sebum Control Powder. Fresh Texture without oil Tea Tree Oil Extract helps to clean skin by alleviating skin troubles and red spots, make a refreshing baby face with Sebum Control Powder. Terpine-4 of Tea Tree Oil alleviates inflammations that happen by bacteria and mold funguses. Sebum control powder helps to maintain fresh and soft skin condition by reducing shine with excellent sebum capturing effect."

There are 5 Varians for this BB cream: Watery, Clearing, Essential, Shimmering and Moisture

My varian: Clearing~ Suitable for Acne-prone skin

Shade: Only comes with 1 shade and there is no information about the name :( 

Amount: 30 ml

Price: Normal Price is around IDR 70-80K but I got mine for only IDR 39K


Packaging: It comes with a tiny glossy tube. The main color is blue/tosca and has a cat picture as decoration~ 
Texture and Scent: The texture is quite thick and creamy, it is easy to blend and not cakey. This BB cream has slightly aloe and tea tree scent~
Coverage and Oil Control: The coverage is medium and the oil control is around 5 hours~ This BB cream gives me an instant bright face when I apply it on my face. It also has a matte finish. People with oily skin surely will love this Bb cream.

What I love:
Medium coverage and great oil control.
Contains qite high sun protection~ SPF 30/PA+++
The color match with my skin tone.
Doesn't cause me break out.
Contains Tea tree oil! This is really good to heal acnes~
Lightweight and fit for daily use.
The price is cheap and the packaging is travel friendly
There are 4 varians which targeted for different skin problem.

What I hate:
Only comes with 1 shade.
Hard to get in my country.

Have a nice day~


  1. wiii bagus yaa, kok bs murah belinya?

    1. Hi rhea~ iya waktu beberapa bulan lalu ada seller gmarket indonesia yang ngadain sale~ jadi dapat dengan harga murah..kalau sekarang uda balik harga normal lagi ^^

  2. Shaaa~ ini di qoo10 ya, aku tadinya mau beli juga lho abis murah banget.. Tapi ya itu shadenya ga pasti hehe jadi mikir2 lgi, tapi kayaknya terang banget ya shadenya kalo buat aku hehe.. Kayaknya ga jadi beli deh hehe..

    Makasih ya reviewnya, say :)

    1. iyaa~ warnanya memang agak terang jadi kalau buat yang kulitnya gelap mungkin jadi keliatan agak aneh (kayak pakai topeng),aku aja kalau pakai agak kebanyakan dikit keliatan jadi putih banget, sampe serem lihatnya he5. Sayang banget, coba kalau dikeluarin lebih banyak pilihan warnanya pasti lebih bagus >_< padahal dari segi lain-lainya bagus lho~

  3. Thanks for the review! I haven't tried any holika's products. But this seems like a nice bb wherein the coverage is quite nice. ^_~

  4. wow ga nyangka coveragenya medium o.O itu km skali pakai ud langsung coverageny medium sha?

  5. cocok buat yellow undertone ngga, Sha?

  6. bagus banget sha coverage nya haha..
    gila gila gmarket kalo liat sale-nya pingin beli semua :p


    1. samaaa..suka kalap kalau browsing gmarket :p

  7. wawww.. murahnya >.< udh free ongkir lg..
    btw agak penasaran knp namanya ada clearing nya ce.. XD

    1. Clearing itu variannya shel~
      ada 4 varian, kalau clearing buat khusus yg berjerawat..

  8. aduh lucunya packagingnya,ngeces deh liat ni bb cream hahaha

  9. penge nyoba ><
    tapi masih bingung
    gimana cara belanja di gmarket ><
    sekarang promonya 99 rb dapat 2 ><

    1. Oya? udah ganti lagi ya promonya.he5 masih murah kan 99rb dapet 2.. Ikutin langkah2 yang udah disediakan aja..gampang kok ordernya.

  10. Di kulit km bagus say, kulit aku agak gelap susah cr shade yg pas >,<

  11. G market itu ada di mall atau di online shop?


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