Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: L'oreal Paris Products

Good Morning friends~
Last week my office mate came to office with a bunch of L'oreal Paris product that she had. She was kind enough to let me play with the products during the lunch break~ So, today I will make a short review about some L'oreal Paris products. 

L'oreal True Match Blush~ IDR 149K
It comes with a clear packaging. It has puzzle piece design on the middle of the blusher, which I found really cute and unique. This Blusher also comes with a small mirror and brush on the bottom packaging. The brush *surprisingly* is quite soft and doesn't makes my face feels itchy. This blusher's shade is Golden Apricot. The color is like orange burnt with a lot of glitters. The texture is quite pigmented and not chalky at all. The staying power is about 3-4 hours.

L'oreal Nutrishine Lipsctick~ IDR 129K
This lipstick come with an elegant mirror-effect packaging with the brand name on it. The shade is pretty peach. Overall this lipstick moisturize my lips well and not sticky at all. The staying power is about 4 hours~

L'oreal Super Liner 24H Gel eyeliner~ IDR 159K
The texture is creamy and quite pigmented. Actually this is the first time I try Gel eyeliner and I'm quite pleased with my first impression. This Gel eyeliner is really easy to use and the color comes out really good~ This eyeliner comes with a small brush *which not attached to the packaging, I guess this is not suitable for sloppy person, because you maybe lost the brsuh ha5*. It stays quite long on my eyes. This gel eyeliner is waterproof and smudgeproof.

L'oreal Open Eyes Pro~Blue Harmony~ IDR 179K
This eyeshadow is comes with a quite wide black packaging. The top is clear plastic so we can easily see the colors. This eyeshadow comes with 4 colors in 1 pallete. There is an instruction about the colors chart and how to use the colors on your eyes,on the back of the packaging. So, it is really suitable for amateur or someone who rarely wear eyeshadow *that's me!*. The texture isn't really chalky but this eyeshadow contains glitters, so there are many glitters will fall down when you apply it on your eyelid. If you love to wear smokey eyes make up, I think this product will suitable for you~ It has many color variations. This eyeshadow comes with an applicator and super small mirror.

L'oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara~ IDR 149K
This is my favourite product~ This mascara is really amazing! The wand separates my lashes perfectly. It is waterproof, smudgeproof, and doesn't clump. The color is very black too. It is lengthen and thicken my lashes! This mascara is "fat" but have an elegant blue color~ the shape is prism *quite unique*

Fiuh~ sorry for quite long post and blurry picture 
*I use my phone to took those pictures, that's why the quality isn't really good*
Overall~ I love all the products that I've tried and now I want to purchased it all >_< *racuuunn*
I think I need to save up from now~ the mascara and lipstick are on my wishlist now!
Have you ever tried these products?


  1. wow your office mate is so nice letting you play with her stuff XD

    yg L'oreal open eyes pro kayaknya bagus ya :3

  2. bagus warna eyeshadownya~ cuman glitternya terlalu berlebihan menurutku hehehe tapi tetep suka sih *plin plan* XD

  3. I really like loreals packaging! This stuff looks good!!

  4. eyeshadownya pigmented gak sha???ada wrn apa aza y???
    aku suka L'oreal True Match Blush, lucu y da puzzle diatas nya gt...wrnnya jg oke...
    nice review sha..:)

    1. lumayan pigmented kok.. warnanya banyak *ga hafal aku* coba buka di Fbnua l'oreal indonesia~

  5. wih eyeshadownya menarik tuh, kok mirip packaging brand jepang yaa? tp lupa merknya hahaha :p

    1. oh ya?? aku malah baru tahu kalau mirip sama brand jepang..hehehe

    2. ya..merk seperti kanebo atau kose y rin...
      aku jg sepertinya pernah lihat..tapi lupa dimana...:)

  6. ouu wow i actually like how that blush looks when swatched! i've tried drugstore products in the past and i think out of all of them, loreal really isn't too bad :D i like the tint of bronze/orange effect it is..looks really great and refreshing for summer! the mascara looks good too. i'll have to try it out~

    keep in touch <3



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