Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review: Sit in Peace with Solusimu ❤ [Sponsored]

Hi ladies~ I'm really excited to share this good news with you~
Have you ever feel uncomfortable when you are using a public toilet? Don't you afraid about how many germs may transfer into our body when we use public toilet? Well, I'm sure many of you (or all of you) will answer YES! to all my questions above. Actually those questions are reflection my feelings everytime I use public toilet. Usually I will put tissue before I use public toilet, but sometimes it is kinda difficult because the tissue's shape doesn't suitable with the toilet seat's shape. Also when I used tissue as a seat cover, I feel uncomfortable because it is often shifted and ended not covering my skin from the toilet seat.

But, It is an old story~ now, let me introducing you to "Solusimu Paper Toilet Seat Cover". I was really happy when the company sent me this product. I was like "aha..finally I found the thing that makes me comfortable using public toilet".

About the product:
Solusimu paper toilet seat cover is made of 100% virgin pulp that is environmentally friendly.
 It has been our main ethical commitment to work in the field that will only respect 
the environment and green world where we live on.
Solusimu specially designs this personal travel pack for those people
 who are active and spend most of their imes in public places.

How to use:
At step number 3, it is said that we can flush the paper into the toilet. Maybe most of you will afraid whether it's alright or not to flush paper into the toilet? I was hesitated too at first. But then I read more information about that. It is said that every sheet of Solusimu is 100% biodegradable, which means that every time we flush the sheet after use, biological process will take place to dissolve it without adverserly affecting the natural ecosystem. It is also will not cause clogging, in fact the research also said that the paper 4 times faster to dissolve in water compared to regular toilet tissue roll~ How great is that?? XD

PS: If you still afraid to do the "flush" thing, you can easily fold the used paper and throw that into trash bin~

This is how the sheet look like. At number 1 is the sheet after I open it from the packaging. 
Number 2 is after I tear the middle area and it is ready to use~

I already try to use it several times and I'm very satisfied with this seat cover.
It is travel friendly and easy to use. 
So, what are you waiting for? If you want to try this product too, you can go to their store at:
Website: Solusimu
Facebook: Solusimu

Go to try their product and sit in peace too like me~ ❤ and remember, Germs are not for share!

PS: This product was sent to me for review purposed. However, all my reviews are based on my personal experience and opinion. I'm not paid for doing this review.


  1. wow, looks great ce :o
    jadi pengen coba xD


    1. ayo dicobain juga~ mampir ke websitenya aja say ^^

  2. yay!! aku juga senang sha, apalagi ada travel pack-nyaa, jadi gak perlu khawatir lagi kalau terpaksa gunain toilet umum..

  3. wow
    nice review,
    pengen nyoba jg jadinya

    following back


  4. iya aku jg pny seat toilet paper. tp kyknya bukan merk ini. lupa sih udh lama bgt belinya.. bener2 berguna utk dipakai di toilet umum!

  5. Wah, harus coba nih!!
    Ribed banget setiap ke toilet umum harus motong2in tisu trus numpuk2in tisu di dudukan toilet ><

  6. I've tried using some seat toilet paper like this before and decided that I don't really like it. It's too much hassle on me. The easiest way for me is to drop a generous amount of hand sanitizer on the toilet seat, it pretty much kill the germs.

    1. yes, that method works well too~ we *girls* are really have many ways to do "our business" cleanly, right? lol

  7. hey dear i just give you an award, it's versatile! :D check this:

  8. Such kind of toilet seat is a big help in making our self comfortable when using our bowls. We should always maintain it's cleanliness everyday as far as we are concern.


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