Friday, August 31, 2012

CC Cream! The new generation of BB Cream~

With BB Cream being very popular all over the world, now there is a new version of this miracle cream. It is called Color Control Cream / Color Correction Cream (CC Cream). 

Image source: Here

Me personally haven't tried or even saw this product before, so I can't provide you with many information.
But, I've already do a little searching about this cream. 
Here are the summary info about this CC Cream.
❤ CC cream is an improved version of a BB Cream. It offers the benefit of BB Cream.
❤ The main improvement is, the CC cream claims to has lighter texture than BB cream
❤ It will contains high SPF to prevent the bad effect from UVA and UVB
❤ Provide more coverage with less oily finish
❤   Suitable for all skin type~ and blends easily with skin tone.

If you want to read more information about this CC Cream, you can click the link below:

For Indonesian readers, here is an article about local CC Cream

So what do you think about this Cream?
Being a BB Cream junkie, I'm very excited to try this cream.
 I hope I can try this cream in the near future :D

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Find me on CHIC Magazine!!

Hey guys, 
3 weeks ago my review has been featured on a local magazine: CHIC Magz. Back on June 2012, I've sent a review about one of my favourite BB Cream from Shangpree to Chic Magz and around end of July, I've been informed that my review will be publish as soon as possible~

Finally on August 8th (CHIC's 121st edition), my review is officially go public! hehehe. 
Here are some photos and scan of the magazine.

 Take a picture with the real BB cream~ Btw, Anne looks pretty with her red lips~

  Click the image to see the large scan and clear review~
If you want to see complete review you can click HERE
They even mentioned Indonesian Beauty Blogger! Yay~

I'm really happy with this achievement~ I hope I can be featured again in the future :D
  PS: Is there anyone who purchased this magazine? do tell me if you have a copy of this magazine XD

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Review: ELF Cream Eyeliner

This is officially my very first cream/gel *I don't really know the different >_< * eyeliner! I like to wear liquid eyeliner rather than gel/pencil, because I think the color is more bright and easy to use *for me*. Earlier this month, I saw a local online shop had a great deal for thiseyeliner. The price for this eyeliner is $3 (ELF Official Website) but when it comes to Indonesia, the price usually at range IDR 55K-90K and I got mine for IDR 35K! cheap price, right?
Let me move into the review~

About this product:
The cream formula creates smooth lines that are defined and precise. Smudge-proof, budge-proof and water-resistant coverage for all day wear to combat against sweat, tears or rain! Achieve thin or bold lines with ease. Slanted Eyeliner Brush included.

Isododecane, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Polybutene, Polyethylene, Barium Sulfate, Cyclomethicone, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate, Propylene Carbonate, Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Titanium Dioxide (CI77891), Red No.40 Lake (CI 16035), Mica (CI 77019), Blue No.1 Lake (CI 42090), Ferric Ferrocyanide (CI 77510), Ultramarine Violet (CI77077).

Available Shades:
Copper, Gunmetal, Metallic Olive, Teal Tease, Plum Purple, Coffee, Black, Midnight, Ivory, Golden, Punk Purple.

My Shade: Metallic Olive

Packaging: This eyeliner comes with a small glass pot (which I think really cute). It also comes with a little brush. The packaging isn't air tight! *I hate this the most because it will makes the eyeliner dries faster*. The brush is quite soft but it doesn't comes with any cover or brush guard.


Swatch on my eye:

Texture: The texture is quite creamy/soft at first. But recently I found it's a little drier (maybe because the packaging). The color is like dark green/brown~

The good things:
Quite Waterproof and smudgeproof~ unless you rub it very hard.
The staying power is awesome!
There are various color selection
Cute packaging and comes with a brush
Cheap price!

The bad things:
The packaging isn't air tight which make the eyeliner dries faster on its packaging *sigh*
I wish the brush comes with a cover or anything to make it more hygienic
Hard to get in my country

I have on-off relationship with ELF products. I always love their blush and bronzer but not really like their eye's product. This eyeliner does give me a good impression for it's texture and staying power. But, I am really dissappointed with the consistency. Right now I have different gel eyeliner in my stack and I'm no longer use ELF cream eyeliner because it is already quite dry *well, I can still use it but I must put a lot of effort if I want to get perfect result*. It's not even a month since I purchased it! *I bought it around early August*

OFF TOPIC: I've already achieve 300++ followers! yay~ Thank you for all my followers *virtual hug*. I will celebrate it by having a giveaway *soon*. Sorry for the delay because, I ran out money :(. I spent so many on the last holiday :p and I still have planning to watch Big bang's concert on October. So, right now I will work hard and save more money :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

New winner for surprise giveaway part 1

 Because the first winner doesn't give me any response after 2x24 hours, I will draw another winner.
So, the new Winner for Surprise Giveaway part 1 is..

Lucky Number 22

Docci and Sista!

Please leave comment below or email me at:
for your shipping address. 
I will wait 2x24 hours, if the winner failed to response *again* I will draw another winner.

Edited on August 31st 2012
The winner already receive their package~
Click here to read their story~

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shop Online: Zatura Shop

Halo teman-teman~ kali ini aku akan posting pakai bahasa Indonesia karena, yang akan aku bahas kali ini adalah kabar gembira untuk teman-teman yang tinggal di Indonesia. Seperti yang kalian tahu, aku suka sekali memakai BB cream sebagai pengganti alas bedak/foundation. Hampir setiap hari pasti aku pakai BB cream. Nah, kebanyakan BB cream berasal dari merk kosmetik korea seperti Etude House, The Skin Food, The Face Shop, dll. Sekarang ini sudah ada beberapa konter kosmetik korea yang sudah buka cabang di kota-kota besar di Indonesia. Akan tetapi, harga yang ditawarkan biasanya kurang sesuai dengan kantongku (baca: Mahal). Untuk menyiasatinya, biasanya aku lebih suka untuk belanja online (sesuai seperti nama blogku he5). Salah satu toko Online yang terkenal dan bisa dipercaya di Indonesia adalah Zatura Shop.

Zatura Shop adalah toko online Indonesia yang menyediakan produk-produk kecantikan dari Korea dan USA. Ada 2 jenis layanan yang mereka tawarkan yaitu:
- Penjualan kosmetik ready stock ( Barang sudah ready di Indonesia, jadi setelah kita membayar barang akan segera dikirim)
- Penjualan kosmetik PO ( Barang masih di korea dan akan dipesankan sesuai dengan pesanan kita. Pelanggan membayar DP terlebih dahulu dan menunggu hingga barang ready)

Apa yang membedakan Zatura berbeda dengan toko online yang lain?
Secara jujur aku jawab yang membedakan adalah HARGA! Aku termasuk orang yang gila belanja online. Hampir beberapa hari sekali akan ada paket yang datang ke rumah beirisi belanjaanku. Nah, biasanya sebelum memutuskan untuk belanja di 1 toko, aku akan mengecek dan membandingkan harga dulu dengan toko-toko lainnya. Zatura Shop termasuk salah satu toko online yang menawarkan produknya dengan harga murah dan terjangkau.

Produk apa saja yang di jual?
Zatura Shop menjual produk kecantikan merk korea seperti: Etude House, The Skin Food, The Face Shop, Missha, Innisfree dan Holika Holika.

Sekarang masuk ke kabar baiknya~~
Seperti yang sudah aku bilang, Zatura Shop menawarkan harga yang boleh dibilang murah jika dibandingkan dengan beberapa toko online lainnya. Kali ini, mereka juga memberikan penawaran spesial yaitu...

DISC 10% Untuk Pre Order Kosmetik Korea yang berlaku sampai tanggal 5 September 2012

Jadi Harga produk yang sudah murah + disc = Jadi lebih murah lagi!!

Buat yang tertarik untuk memesan barang bisa langsung klik pada link-link di bawah ini:

Happy shopping~ 
Aku harap kalian bisa menemukan produk incaran kalian dengan harga yang memuaskan :D
Ada yang mau berbagi produk-produk incarannya?

Friday, August 24, 2012

Surprise Giveaway Winner Part 1

Maybe some of you are in the state of confuse right now. 
These questions maybe circling around your head now.

"When is the giveaway start?"
"Which one is giveaway post? I don't see any"
"What is the prizes?"

Sorry if I make you all confuse. But, I already give you a clue about this giveaway on this post!
I have this idea, to give my loyal reader a little gift in order to show you my 
"Thank you for being here with me and spent some time to read my sucks grammar"
The rule is very simple: Just follow my blog and leave comments on my post.
You don't need to leave comment on every post if you don't want.
(If you want, it can be increase your chance)

Let's move into the Surprise Giveaway Part 1
So here are what I give to you this time:

Lioele Carry Me Handcream
St Ives Apricot Srub
Some samples

I know it is not a lot (can be consider very small, I guess). Sorry, I can't really afford expensive things >_<
I hope you can appreciate it eventhough it is not a big one~
 The participants are everyone who left comment on this post until this post.
I've already put all your name on excel sheet and use to choose the winner.
(Please note: for next part, I might (or might not) use another method to choose the participants and the winner. It is depends on my mood in the future he5)

And the winner for Part 1 Surprise Giveaway is:


Lee Via Han

Please leave comment here with your email address or sent me an email to claim your prizes at:

I will wait for 2x24 hours for the winner to responds or I will choose the new winner.

For the others, please stay tune for the next surprise giveaway! (It won't be long I promise :p)
PS: Forgot to tell you~ this is open international too~ <3

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Klean Color Be My Daydream~

Hey girls! Finally I'm back to Surabaya~
How's your holiday? I hope you all have a nice one XD
I miss my blog and readers so much *virtual hug*
So, here is a short post about another Klean Color Nail Polish Set

This set belongs to my friend *not mine* So, I only make a simple swatch for this set~
Klean Color Be My Daydream Set

 Left-Right: Red Hot, Diamond Pink,Pastel Pink, Light Red, Twinkly Love, Barbie Pink

Swatch on my nails:
1. Barbie Pink~ My favourite color! It is a matte pink color~
2. Light Red~ Eventhough the name is "light", the color is really bold~
3. Twinkling Love~ sorry it is messy, because it is really hard to pick the heart ornaments
4.Red Hot~ it is sheer red with glitters.
5. Diamond Pink~ it's actually pink based nail polish but contains much glitters, so all I can see are glitters
6. Pastel Pink~ I don't swatch this one, because it is similar with Sheer Pastel Pink from French Bijou series.

Read my other post about Klean Color Nail Polish Set:
French Bijou

And I want to say this to all my moslems friends~ Happy Eid! *sorry for the lateness*

PS: I just discover that lately my blog have an increasing on pageviews! Usually I only have 600-700 pageviews/day but since last week I discover the visitors are increasing to 900/day!
Everytime I check my stats, I was like "WOW" *lol*
Thanks to my readers and whoever who visit my blog~ those numbers mean a lot to me :D
Stay tune for my surprise gift to my loyal reader :)
Have a nice day

Thursday, August 16, 2012

On Vacation!

Hey guys, I will be away for a while from my beloved computer.
Like I've said before, I will have a holiday vacation at Jakarta with BF's family.
I will be back again on August 23rd.
If you want to keep in touch with me or have a little chat, you can reach me on my twitter:
@sha288 *don't forget to follow me :p*
That's all..I hope you all have a nice holiday~

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: Wet and Wild MegaLength Waterproof Mascara

I have this product since February, but I never have a chance to try it. Recently, when my old mascara is dry, I decided to try this mascara~ This is called Wet and Wild Mega Length Mascara. I bought this from (with the help from local online shop) for IDR 45.000~
About the product:


Packaging: The mascara bottle and the wand are packed separately. The wand color's is blue~ but once you dip it into the bottle, it is no longer blue at all (Of course la~ the mascara's color is black *in case you don't know* *slap my face*) *forget it*

This mascara promises that It can makes my lashes look up to 80% longer after I applied it. Well, let's see~

This mascara sure make my lashes look longer. 
But, me personally doesn't think it is up to 80% longer, well maybe around 10-20%. What do you think?

What I love from this mascara:
Waterproof formula!
Doesn't clump
The wand separates my lashes perfectly
Lengthen my lashes
Cheap price

What I hate from this mascara:
Doesn't really hold curls
Hard to get in my country

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: Milani Illuminating Face Powder~ Beauty's Touch!

I will confess honestly to you. I bought this Milani's Illuminating Powder because of the lovely design! *lol* Seriously, When the first time I saw this product on their website, I fell in love with it~ I was searching for the best price because I can buy it directly from the website and then I found local seller that sell this product with afforable price~. And finally I can get this product on my hand~

Available Shade: Amber Nectar, Hermosa Rose, and Beauty's Touch
My Shade: Beauty's Touch
Price: $ 11.39 / IDR 120K ---> I found another seller that sell this product for IDR110 *sigh* But I think it's still affordable lah~

The packaging comes with gold color on the bottom, and clear glass for the top. It makes me easily see the beautifull flower design even without open it. The powder is embossed with flower design and because I choose the Beauty's Touch (shade), the colors are mostly pink and white. Which make it more like flower painting~

 Sorry I forgot to swatch the beige color >_< I just realize it when I was typed the review and I'm too lazy to take a new picture. Mianhae~~
This is the swatch picture with flash:
 No flash:

The powder divide in 5 colors and when combined it will makes a beautifull pink color. It doesn't contains glitters but, it does makes my face slightly glowing after I apply it. The colors are sheer and the texture isn't chalky. The staying power is quite good too (around 3-4 hours). Usually I use this powder as Blush and Highlight. I love how this powder makes my face looks so smooth and natural~ The flower is embossed really deep so even when I already use it several time, the flowers are still there~

Overall I love this product~ (still) affordable price, quite huge amount, nice colors and nice design! 

Currently, I have 289 Followers~ 11 more and I wil gain 300 followers~ also I almost hit 100.000 pageviews too! These are really (almost) great achievement for my blog! I'm planning to do a small International giveaway when I reach those goals~ Please help me spread the world and get me more 11 peoples :p. Also, maybe I will have another surprise for my readers. I'm planning to give a surprise gift for my loyal readers *still don't know when and what is the gift, I'll make this as a surprise*~ If you have any thought about my post (positive an negative) you can always leave me a comment, maybe it's you the lucky one :D
Please Note: I don't force you to always comment on my post. Me personally often being a silent reader. But, if I can I will leave a comment to all blogs that I've read because, I know the writer will love to read comment~

Thursday, August 9, 2012


No, I will not write a cinderella's story on my blog~ But my post today will related to the famous Fairy Tale "Cinderella". Recently, I won a nail polish from Kaki~ and the name of the nail polish is Sinful Colors~ Cinderella. The color of the nail polish is the beautifull baby blue color *like cinderella's dress* with a sparkle effect * I know I describe it weirdly, sorry*

That's all for today~ sorry for a short post~
I'm quite busy this week :(

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review: Etude House Shinistar Clear BB Lotion

You maybe notice that I'm a BB cream junkie and many of my posts are about BB cream review. Well, I hope you're not sick with it. Today I will talk about Etude House Shiny Star BB Lotion. I've already use this BB cream for 2 months. The first time I bought a sample jar of this BB cream at BB cream Palace~ Then, when my fellow blogger, Shelvi went to korea, I decided to joined her pre-order and bought the full size.

About this product:
The Shini Star Whitening BB Cream is a light moisturising foundation that promotes a moist brightened and natural look.
It gets rid of excess sebum and covers blemishes without drying, leaving skin even-toned and soft.
It has a special oatmeal formula which soothes and softens skin. It also has colostrum extract that protects the skin from dehydration without irritating it, and helps prevent the loss of moisture in the skin cell to maintain bright healthy skin.
It is free parabens, ethanols, mineral oils and benzophenone (Yay~~)


Packaging: This BB cream comes with a pump packaging, which makes it easier to use and more hygienic. The main color is soft blue~ At first the pump isn't really works, I keep press it but nothing happened ( I think it is because the first use). After twisted and pressed it several times, the pump works perfectly~

Shade: Only comes with 1 shade~ I consider it as Light Beige (Can't find any information on the packaging)
Price: IDR 78.000
Amount: 30g

What I love:
The coverage is light~medium
Semy dewy finish
Oil control is normal (around 4 hours)
Has SPF 20/PA++
Lightweight and fit for daily use
The texture isn't really thick and blends easily
The color match with my skin tone
Nice scent~kinda reminds me of Baby's Talc
Cute packaging and cheap price~

What I hate:
This is a limited edition product
Only comes with 1 shade
The pump doesn't really works at first

If you looking for a daily BB cream which lightweight but can give you a good coverage and oil control, I think this is the perfect one~

OFF TOPIC: (About my personal life~)
Holiday is coming in a week~ yay!
I will go to Jakarta for this year's holiday. I hope I can meet with some fellow bloggers there, but I will be going with BF's family. So, I think it will be a little difficult to arrange the schedule :(
Btw, Right now I'm waiting my THR (I Don't really know what to call it in english :p). yay~~ (part 2)!
What is your plan for this upcoming holiday?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

FOTD/EOTD: Go Green!

Hi ladies~ Today I want to share my FOTD/EOTD
Just a simple look because I'm not good with eyeshadow :p

 I use green color because I wear a green dress~
I love to match my makeup with my dress :D

What I use:
Etude House Good Bye Pore Ever Primer
Shangpree Crystal BB Cream 
Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream
Maybelline Clear Smooth Compact Powder
Milani Illuminating Powder~Beauty's Touch
Daiso Ellefar Multicheek~Pink
ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
Claude Lorraint Eyeshadow Pallete
Wet and Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner
Wet and Wild Mega Length Mascara
Queen Fake Eyelashes
NYX Eyebrow Cake powder

Clinique Chubby Stick
Maybelline Fruity Jelly Lip Gloss~Strawberry

That's all~ Have a nice day~
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