Thursday, August 9, 2012


No, I will not write a cinderella's story on my blog~ But my post today will related to the famous Fairy Tale "Cinderella". Recently, I won a nail polish from Kaki~ and the name of the nail polish is Sinful Colors~ Cinderella. The color of the nail polish is the beautifull baby blue color *like cinderella's dress* with a sparkle effect * I know I describe it weirdly, sorry*

That's all for today~ sorry for a short post~
I'm quite busy this week :(


  1. Nice colour, too bad I have tan skin that doesnt look good with this pastel color :( Btw, salam kenal ya.. I've followed u!

  2. well coverage ga sha? harus double coated?

    1. Double ce mei~ kalau cuman sekali kurang terang warnanya *menurutku sih :p*


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