Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Find me on CHIC Magazine!!

Hey guys, 
3 weeks ago my review has been featured on a local magazine: CHIC Magz. Back on June 2012, I've sent a review about one of my favourite BB Cream from Shangpree to Chic Magz and around end of July, I've been informed that my review will be publish as soon as possible~

Finally on August 8th (CHIC's 121st edition), my review is officially go public! hehehe. 
Here are some photos and scan of the magazine.

 Take a picture with the real BB cream~ Btw, Anne looks pretty with her red lips~

  Click the image to see the large scan and clear review~
If you want to see complete review you can click HERE
They even mentioned Indonesian Beauty Blogger! Yay~

I'm really happy with this achievement~ I hope I can be featured again in the future :D
  PS: Is there anyone who purchased this magazine? do tell me if you have a copy of this magazine XD


  1. Congratulation Shasha. That's quite a BIG achievement!! Yayyyy

  2. wow good news,congrats for u dear ^O^

  3. congratz my dear shasa :* i'm Proud with you

  4. congratz ya jie ><
    wah pipinya ,,
    gemesin pingin di cubit XD

  5. omg. so proud of you shaa! you deserve it for sure! *hug hug* :D

  6. congrats shaaa!! you really deserve it
    smoga feature lainnya coming soon ya ;p hihihi

  7. Thank you all for your support and comment! I really appreciate every comment that you've wrote~ *hug*

  8. awww, congrats sha *hugs keren, kedepannya makin go public yaaaaa :)

  9. Congrats! You deserve it & You're so inspiringggg :D

  10. Great post. I follow your Blog now.
    Please follow me.

  11. im following u now :)

    congrats ya ci, kok bisa sih blogpost nya masuk majalah. bagi2 rahasianya donng ~~ hehe


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