Thursday, August 23, 2012

Klean Color Be My Daydream~

Hey girls! Finally I'm back to Surabaya~
How's your holiday? I hope you all have a nice one XD
I miss my blog and readers so much *virtual hug*
So, here is a short post about another Klean Color Nail Polish Set

This set belongs to my friend *not mine* So, I only make a simple swatch for this set~
Klean Color Be My Daydream Set

 Left-Right: Red Hot, Diamond Pink,Pastel Pink, Light Red, Twinkly Love, Barbie Pink

Swatch on my nails:
1. Barbie Pink~ My favourite color! It is a matte pink color~
2. Light Red~ Eventhough the name is "light", the color is really bold~
3. Twinkling Love~ sorry it is messy, because it is really hard to pick the heart ornaments
4.Red Hot~ it is sheer red with glitters.
5. Diamond Pink~ it's actually pink based nail polish but contains much glitters, so all I can see are glitters
6. Pastel Pink~ I don't swatch this one, because it is similar with Sheer Pastel Pink from French Bijou series.

Read my other post about Klean Color Nail Polish Set:
French Bijou

And I want to say this to all my moslems friends~ Happy Eid! *sorry for the lateness*

PS: I just discover that lately my blog have an increasing on pageviews! Usually I only have 600-700 pageviews/day but since last week I discover the visitors are increasing to 900/day!
Everytime I check my stats, I was like "WOW" *lol*
Thanks to my readers and whoever who visit my blog~ those numbers mean a lot to me :D
Stay tune for my surprise gift to my loyal reader :)
Have a nice day


  1. Yay! I'm glad that now you're back ce~ gimana liburannya di jakarta kemaren? ^^
    wow warnanya cakep2 semua itu, terutama yg barbie pink itu tuh *o* sepertinya kita mempunyai selera yg sama ce *abaikan :p
    double wowww(?), pageviewsnya banyak banget, congrats ya ce, your blog totally deserve them :))

    1. seru banget la~ he5..kamu liburan kemana?
      Thank you for your lovely comment,dear *hug2*

    2. wah asyik ya kayaknya, aku liburan cuma dirumah aja ce, nih sampe mulai berkarat + jamuran *eh ;__;
      you're welcome ce sha *hug ^^

  2. Welcome back!!! Rajinnya langsung bikin post..
    Barbie pink and light red.. <3 <3

  3. this has got to be the best set of nail varnish, i love the pink and red hues!
    and omg theres even bottle with little hearts!! LOVE IT!!

    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  4. welcome back sha ^^ ngitungin twiter kamu doank nih selama liburan soalnya inet down hahaha jd gak bisa buka blog :p

    hasil belanjaannya nanti di post yaaaa...


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