Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review: Etude House Shinistar Clear BB Lotion

You maybe notice that I'm a BB cream junkie and many of my posts are about BB cream review. Well, I hope you're not sick with it. Today I will talk about Etude House Shiny Star BB Lotion. I've already use this BB cream for 2 months. The first time I bought a sample jar of this BB cream at BB cream Palace~ Then, when my fellow blogger, Shelvi went to korea, I decided to joined her pre-order and bought the full size.

About this product:
The Shini Star Whitening BB Cream is a light moisturising foundation that promotes a moist brightened and natural look.
It gets rid of excess sebum and covers blemishes without drying, leaving skin even-toned and soft.
It has a special oatmeal formula which soothes and softens skin. It also has colostrum extract that protects the skin from dehydration without irritating it, and helps prevent the loss of moisture in the skin cell to maintain bright healthy skin.
It is free parabens, ethanols, mineral oils and benzophenone (Yay~~)


Packaging: This BB cream comes with a pump packaging, which makes it easier to use and more hygienic. The main color is soft blue~ At first the pump isn't really works, I keep press it but nothing happened ( I think it is because the first use). After twisted and pressed it several times, the pump works perfectly~

Shade: Only comes with 1 shade~ I consider it as Light Beige (Can't find any information on the packaging)
Price: IDR 78.000
Amount: 30g

What I love:
The coverage is light~medium
Semy dewy finish
Oil control is normal (around 4 hours)
Has SPF 20/PA++
Lightweight and fit for daily use
The texture isn't really thick and blends easily
The color match with my skin tone
Nice scent~kinda reminds me of Baby's Talc
Cute packaging and cheap price~

What I hate:
This is a limited edition product
Only comes with 1 shade
The pump doesn't really works at first

If you looking for a daily BB cream which lightweight but can give you a good coverage and oil control, I think this is the perfect one~

OFF TOPIC: (About my personal life~)
Holiday is coming in a week~ yay!
I will go to Jakarta for this year's holiday. I hope I can meet with some fellow bloggers there, but I will be going with BF's family. So, I think it will be a little difficult to arrange the schedule :(
Btw, Right now I'm waiting my THR (I Don't really know what to call it in english :p). yay~~ (part 2)!
What is your plan for this upcoming holiday?


  1. nice review ^^


  2. iya di aku jg pump nya pertama ga mau berfungsi dengan baik ce >,< tp akhirnya bisa xD hehe.. aku jg beli yg ini :3
    cocok bgt buat sehari2 dan ga berat ^^
    smoga cpt dapet THR dan met holiday yah ce~ ^^

    1. wah sama ya shel~ kukira cuman aku aja :p
      makasih ya~~

  3. Nice review!! I haven't seen this yet in our country but hopefully I could try a sample size of this. Thanks for sharing ^_~ BTW, It looks nice on you =)

    1. Thank you janet! I hope this product will available in u'r country soon~

  4. I love the fact you're a bb cream junkie, love reading them !


  5. looks interesting. I'm planning to buy one. ^^

    followed your blog, hope u could follow mine. ^^



    1. I hope you'll have a good experience with this product too~

  6. nice review ;) i agree with u about the pump.. hate the pump!


  7. good review and pics^^
    too bad this bb cream only has one shade since I'm not having fair skin.
    happy holiday dear

  8. Hey Shasha..
    Can U tell me, What's the best BB cream of all that you ever tried?
    i need your recommendation, because my type skin as same as yours

    1. Hello~ regarding your question.. I think I can't judge about the Best BB cream, because each BB cream works different and it has advantages and disadvantages itself. Rather than saying the best BB cream, I will answer you with my favourite BB cream. So far my favourite is Tony moly dear me petite cotton and Etude house shini star BB lotion (for daily use and good oil control). I also love Shangpree Crystal BB Cream, BRTC Blemish Recover Balm and The body shop white shiso BB cream (for more coverage). I hope I can satisfy you with my answer. If you still want to ask me anything, don't hesitate to leave comment ^^ Thank you~

  9. Thank you Shasha, maybe i will try to use Tony Moly, hope it will work well on my skin. but I'm still curious to try Lioele Triple Solution BB Cream until now. unfortunately, it's hard to get the it in the market & expensive.

  10. Dear shasha..Itu bb shiny-nya beli dmn yah ?
    Soalnya murce mursida bgt bokk cm 78k.
    Di bb cream palace bukan ?
    Kalo iya, tapi kok aku barusan cek ga ada ya sha >.<

    1. halo, itu diatas aku jelaskan kalau aku nitip sama teman yang kebetulan pergi ke korea :) makanya bisa dapat harga murah. Kalau di BB Cream palace aku cuman beli sample nya aja :D


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