Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: Wet and Wild MegaLength Waterproof Mascara

I have this product since February, but I never have a chance to try it. Recently, when my old mascara is dry, I decided to try this mascara~ This is called Wet and Wild Mega Length Mascara. I bought this from (with the help from local online shop) for IDR 45.000~
About the product:


Packaging: The mascara bottle and the wand are packed separately. The wand color's is blue~ but once you dip it into the bottle, it is no longer blue at all (Of course la~ the mascara's color is black *in case you don't know* *slap my face*) *forget it*

This mascara promises that It can makes my lashes look up to 80% longer after I applied it. Well, let's see~

This mascara sure make my lashes look longer. 
But, me personally doesn't think it is up to 80% longer, well maybe around 10-20%. What do you think?

What I love from this mascara:
Waterproof formula!
Doesn't clump
The wand separates my lashes perfectly
Lengthen my lashes
Cheap price

What I hate from this mascara:
Doesn't really hold curls
Hard to get in my country

Thanks for reading!


  1. nice Review Sha..
    belum pernah liat maskara ini di toko di kota tmpt aku tgl :)
    ya, true la susah dapatnya :)

    1. Halo susan~ wet and wild memang cuman bisa dibeli via online di karena memang merk ini belum masuk ke Indonesia hehehe

  2. hasilnya bagus jg ya ce ^^
    tp kalo beneran memanjangkan smpe 80% jdnya agak serem lho XD

  3. Ini produk mirip banget sama sister brand nya WnW, `black radiance`, kalo di baca dari review nya kamu sih mirip ya... aku suka banget yang black radiance.. gak clumpy, itemnya pekat... my HG mascara ini yang black radiance.. harganya lebih murah.. cuman $1.99 di drugstore... pernah ku review di sini

    jadi pingin coba yang WnW...nice review... hehe

    1. Iya rani~ aku pernah baca reviewmu yg ttg mascara black radiance..cuman aku baru tahu kalau itu sister brandnya WnW ya? harganya juga murmer~ nanti kalau belanja drugstore lagi aku mau pesan juga :D Thanks infonya ya~

  4. bagus yah memperpanjang,tapi kalo bulumata straight gitu aja buat di aku jadi aneh hihi

  5. Great review! I can totally see that it separates lashes really nicely ^_~

  6. I think the mascara looks nice and 10~20% already looks great on your eyes <3

    I would love to try when I shop on drugstore =)

  7. bagus ya hasilnya sha, jd pengen cb apalagi ga gt mahal >.<


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